Some shots with Robot OS-35F Camera

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  1. Hi all. I'm thinking many of the Minox camera users know Robot camera. Robot cameras are made from Germany too. And they are also spy gadget category. I have got many different type robot cameras. Last time I'm find a Robot OS-35F camera. It is electronic type, not a mechanic type. There is a 30mm F4 lens on the camera. I'm shoot all the photos Ilford Pan F out dated film. I'm set the camera 100ASA. Development D76, 1+0, 7:30 minutes. All the negatives 24x24mm. So, there is some lost areas when I scan it. Here are some informations about Robot cameras:
    Next time I want to try some shots with my Minox B.
    Best wishes from Ankara / Turkey.
    Tolga ANIL
  2. Another picture.
  3. She is my daughter.
  4. Again in fly area.
  5. With airplane too.
  6. Our street corner in Ankara.
  7. My daughter again.
  8. My wife return to shopping...
  9. Very dark area in our garden.
  10. And sunny...
  11. Again...
  12. I can't load last one.
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    Tolga, very nice pictures.
  14. Nice, thanks for sharing them.
    Do you have pictures of the camera? it's not a model i'm familiar with
  15. Dear Mike,
    Here is the Robot OS35F camera picture. Best wishes.
  16. As a user camera its perhaps a step below any of the cheap modern P&S cameras (such as the Leica Mini series which trade these days used for nearly nothing given the move of the customer base to digital) but its not (and was never intended) to be a "user" P&S. Its kind of like (since this is a Minox forum) a robust and very heavy Minox 35 with motor.
    The OS-35F is a camera intended solely for "espionage"-- and in some applications its still being deployed when digital alternatives are not suitable. Its basic design goes back to the Robot Star II all the way back to Robot II of the 1930s but, of course, much evolved and with some improvements designed for the application such as an automatic shutter speed modus. Its lens is a special 30mm of type Xenagon in genre Wide Angle "Tessar" (4 elements in 3 groups). The camera is intended to be concealed so the lens face is very flat and the DOF of the 30mm allows for a wide focusing zone which disposes of the need for (and problems of) some kind of auto focusing mechanism--- which in this application would all to often lead to out-of-focus worthless shots. Its a very special market with deep pockets and so these cameras were made to not just the highest standards but sold at very hefty prices (above Leica M level).
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    My recent acquistion

    Robot Royal model III 24x24 camera

    Robot Star II vollautomat

    Robot II

    all 24x24 format

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