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  1. I'm thinking of making a bid for a handgrip (on eprey) for my recently acquired monochrom m type 246. The one advertised has a code 14399 on its box. I've trawled the net to see if this will fit, but cannot find confirmation. I don't want to buy something that's quite suitable other than the camera I have. So advice sought before I bid. Thanks, Arthur (apiarist1)
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  3. I use a combination hand grip, vertical mount and base plate from Really Right Stuff. It replaces the original base plate in its entirety, but as a consequence, is very strong and adds very little to the height. The hand grip and vertical mount are optional, and fasten to the base plate with screws. If you don't need the vertical mount, leave it off. It's much easier to remove the base plate without it. The version for the M240/M246 is linked below.

    L-plate and grip for Leica M240/246
  4. Thanks for that Jochen, Ed_Igold, and Billblackwellphotography. The eprey item is not for me. I'll follow up the Luigi case - do you have a link? Thanks again, Arthur (apiarist1)
  5. Thanks, billblackwellphotography. Just ordered one. You should ask for a spotter's fee or commission. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
  6. Thanks billblackwellphotography. Arrived today. Really pleased. Thanks for the pointer. Regards.
  7. How about posting a picture of the case on the camera? ... ;)
  8. OK, billblackwellphotography, herewith, though poorly executed. 'Luigi' who ever he is (probably a cover for sweatshop labour), does a good job. He even provided me with a camera strap, which I didn't request, and will use on another camera. The daggy bits near the camera strap are my invention. It works well, about for me the same price as the original handle, and more protection, so that when I drop it (it weighs) next, I will do, hopefully less damage. Thanks again for the heads up and the reference. Really appreciated, regards, Arthur (apiarist1). I'm looking at getting a half case for my M6, which I have not yet dropped. Thanks again.

    case and camera 1.jpg case and camera 1.jpg

    case and camera 2.jpg
  9. I should add, that you need to hit him for a spotters fee.
  10. Very nice, Arthur.
    I've been using Luigi cases for years. I believe it's just Luigi and his son (no sweat shop). He was the first to grace the camera world with quality leather cases - and I think his are still the best.

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