So why do trendy fashion photographers take crappy shots?

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  1. Some of our great and more famous photographers - Adams, Weston, Shore, Eggleston, Bresson - set high technical or artistic standards. I don’t expect other photographers to meet those standards. That way I appreciate different people at all levels of photography. If I judged everyone against Brassai or Steichen or Stieglitz, it would be hard to enjoy a lot of lesser-known photographers doing interesting work. I don’t judge photos by universal standards.
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  2. No question about it - but that high level of excellence can make those photos stand out from otherwise similar work that lacks it. While artistic excellence and wonderful composition of a poignant visual statement can transcend some technical compromise, technical perfection can’t make the good great.

    Having said that, I favor content over technical perfection for my own enjoyment when the two are out of balance. But I can’t understand why some excellent photographers don’t pursue technical improvement if they’re satisfied with their art. Those who don’t want to or can’t do it themselves might consider getting help with editing, printing etc. Great art is beautiful, but great art well executed is even more so to me.
  3. sometimes you go out and shoot what you find and not everyone is going to be genetically perfect looking or professional at posing and sometimes images mean different things to the people that took them and to the people in them for different reasons and sometimes....
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  4. Also, that its quite liberating at times to go out of 'trend' and shoot what your heart pleases rather than what will sell, and not care what the technical experts will say.

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