"...so I just got my Noctilux (again)...

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by kristian dowling, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. ...and this is what happened on my first roll of film..." http://www.photo.net/photodb/image-display?
    photo_id=1545099&size=lg 1 http://www.photo.net/photodb/image-display?
    photo_id=1545113&size=lg 2 http://www.photo.net/photodb/image-display?
    photo_id=1545118&size=lg 3...and if you like, my folder here has more...http://www.photo.net/photodb/folder?folder_id=286586
  2. It is the subject, my friend. Not the lens. :)

    Keep shooting/sharing these. And please don't inspire me to get another Leica lens...

  3. Yes, the subject is 90% of the success factor, but the Noctilux has it's signature all over the pictures with the shallow DOF, vignetting, and big bokeh.

    I'm not sure if I like the image characteristics or I just like the pictures. But in any case, they look very nice, IMO.

  4. You married the right woman.;>
  5. OK with Travis :-D
  6. I am already in trouble with the CFO (my wife) after buy a canon 10D and a 17~40F4 zoom and you are tempting me to buy a $1700 F1.0! BTW I like 3 the best, I am not fond of light falloff in the corners, composition on 1 is GREAT. Incredible colors, helps to have a good subject to photograph.

    So on to my usual rant, what camera body, what film, obviously it looks like F1.0 for aperture especially on #3.

    Happy snaps.
  7. Hey Kristian, these are great.
  8. Very nice Kristian...and thanks for the Noctilust spell.
  9. Thanks Guys, I'll make believers of you all- prepare yourself! I'm going to change the world with the Noctilux!!! :)))...for I ammmm..."Noctiman"
  10. Well, as you are aware, great photos. You just get better and better.Wonder where you will finish?

    so I just got my Noctilux (again)...

    I think you should sell your gear to me!( at a price). I could use it, then sell it back to you ,at the same price. Think about it;you save money, and i'll have fun. Seems a great offer;)
  11. Kristian,
    <P>This is the your best stuff Ive seen...
    <P> I have to shoot some outdoor stuff in the next couple weeks, and was debating using my noct. Debating no longer.
    <P> Really nice.
  12. Shot #2 is the closest thing to a 3-D photo that I think I've ever seen! Your wife is darling!
  13. …and oh yeah, these are the first shots that EVER made me want this lens…damn you!!! ;-)
  14. Kristian,
    These are great shots. Was it at F1 and did you have to use ND filter, and if so what type/make. I guess the Noct will be high up on my list of must haves.
  15. Tony, no ND used. jUst perfect overcast light.
  16. Yeah, this time it's more than the lens. Kristian, to be honest, I didnt find your other noct pics on other posts to be all that special. But now you've used the swirling, circular whateverness of the noct together with the posing of the model. These are quite nice. Even the colors work well for an over-all effect. (as opposed to an "over-ill" effect)
  17. I was so happy and content with my 75 lux...telling myself - no more expensive Leica Lens purchases - and now this!
    You are a bad man....Great photos!
    Now I just have to remember that this was all a combination of skill, good lighting and a good model - nothing much to do with the equipment.
  18. OK, OK, it wasn't the lens, it wasn't the camera, it was me. Skill, skill, skill :)))

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