Small filter stuck on my lens. Need help!

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I just bought myself an Olympus Pen and I was trying some filters on it from an unmarked bin (Just to make sure they fit). I put one on, then when I tried to unscrew it it just ended up unscrewing the whole fixed lens mount. I've tried all the classic filter removal techniques, freezer and rubber band and nothing has worked. The filter is tiny, it's 22.5mm. So it's very hard to get a proper grip on it. What can I do? I'd be happy to leave it there, but I hadnt cleaned the filter first!
  2. Is it possible to remove just the glass, by unscrewing its retaining ring (if fitted)? You could then clean and replace it. Alternatively as a last resort I've sometimes broken the glass and used a small hacksaw to cut through the filter rim far enough to twist it off with a pair of pliers - being careful not to damage the camera, But I've never tried it with such a small filter, which is no doubt recessed into the front lens assembly.
  3. Try a latex rubber dishwashing glove. Press your hand mainly against the face of the filter, not the sides, as you try to rotate. I would be really surprised if this didn't do the trick.
  4. Use two filter wrenches, one on the body of the lens and the other on the filter. Instead of a filter wrench on the lens, you could use a small strap wrench. The old plumber's rule is use the longer wrench on the part you don't want to move.

    A filter wrench applies even pressure on the entire circumference. When you use your fingers you apply pressure in two spots, which expands the filter in two other spots, making it harder to remove.,k:camera+filter+wrench
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