Site is starting to bill ?

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  1. Got a email saying they are changing to billed site. So: how to stop the all together?
  2. Same thing is happening at
  3. Anyone who uses a computer needs to know have to spot and handle various kinds of fraud:

    Junk mail, malware, spam, phishing, address harvesting, identify theft, ransom ware, bank fraud, fake invoices, etc.

    There is lots of info on Google about computer security for those and other kinds of attacks.

    Unless you are absolutely sure of the source, NEVER open an email attachment or click on a link in an email.

    Just last week I received 3 times a message saying I had won a Mercedes-Benz and $4 million dollars. If I had clicked on the link to “claim” my prize, I would have no doubt been asked to give all my identity info. No money or car would have come to me, but eventually I might learn that someone had used my info to borrow money or use my credit card accounts.

    In the last month, I have received several invoices for purchases I had supposedly made on the Apple computer site. If I had not made a purchase, I was told to click on a link to request a correction. The invoice was fake and the link did not go to Apple but fo some scam artist who wanted my personal info. If in doubt, go to the real website and talk to a real Apple employee.
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