Sinai behind the lens shutter options

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by dhiren, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. I am new to large format photography. I just recently bought Sinar F2 & RODENSTOCK (APO-SIRONAR S) SINARON SE 135MM 5.6 75° MC ON DB SINAR LENS BOARD. I didn’t realize that the lens won’t have the shutter.
    What are my options? Do I have to buy behind the lens shutter made my Sinar, which goes for like 450$? Is there any other solution, which won’t cost me so much money?
    Thanks & sorry for naive questions,
  2. Looks like your present lens is "in barrel".... and many of these lenses can have a shutter fitted. Check with SK Grimes if that's a feasibility....they may have something on hand. A shutter in working order will usually cost you $100-200....and if everything is on up and up, you can take the lens apart and mount it yourself. Yes, the Sinar one behind the lens can accomodate variety of lenses, that don't have a shutter.
    Worse comes to worse (actually better) start purchasing lenses that are mounted "in shutter"....and they are not that expensive...vs getting them seperate. Anyhoo, eventually you can sell the one you have. My 2 cents.
  3. I believe it can be re-mounted to a standard shutter. I did this once but had an old Copal shutter of the right size on hand but then found that the ƒ stop scale that I needed was no longer available for that series of shutter. I cobbled up a homemade one and I functioned with the lens (physically measuring and then test-confirming). Initially, I was afraid to unscrew the lens from the db board as it seemed so firmly attached but it did break loose. When inquiring about details of this (on another forum), I had multiple contacts from people wanting my now-available db board so apparently there are homes for the board you end up with. I'm not sure of sourcing for shutters but I recall them being more pricey than I expected. I would assume there are loose shutters around from lenses that have other reasons for being retired.

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