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  1. I've got my OpticFilm 120 set up and after lots of figuring things out, I'm scanning. However, a few questions, as I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to make the scanning process easier. I'll explain...
    I'm currently scanning 35mm. I'll put the film in the holder for negatives and insert it into the scanner. The holder loads and within SilverFast, I select "Overview" and then click "Refresh Thumbnails" to get a thumbnail preview of each image. Still in Overview, I then select one image and click "Ok" and I get a pre-scan that I can adjust. After I've adjusted my pre-scan, I again select Overview and click "Add Selection" which adds things to the job list. After I do this for each frame, I then start the batch scanning job.
    Coming from my Nikon Coolscan 9000 and Nikon's scanning software, within SilverFast, is there a way to do a batch pre-scan and then seamlessly go from negative to negative, make any adjustments and then add it to the job list without having to do everything individually for each separate frame?
  2. SilverFast hast has a batch operation in which each frame can be adjusted individually based on the thumbnail, then do the final scans consecutively. IMO, it is poorly designed compared to NikonScan, but useful nonetheless. Once set up, a list appears, and images get checked off as the batch progresses.
  3. I noticed that within the Overview section, each image can be moved left or right, but that seemed to be all. So far, it does seem that each image has to be individually pre-scanned and adjusted before being added to the job list.
  4. Can you scan all negatives into the SilverFast HDRi format in batch mode? These are "raw" scans, and then you can adjust them later. But you may need to upgrade your software. That is what I did when I used to scan with my Nikon 9000.
  5. Possibly - I'll look into that. Is it possible to adjust the scan area in HDRi mode?
  6. I suggest you go to the Silverfast forums for this kind of question. Their support is very poor when it comes to bugs or missing features, but when they do have a feature that can help, they usually guide you through it.
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    digitaldog Andrew Rodney

    I suggest you go to the Silverfast forums for this kind of question.​
    Or ask over at Luminous Landscape where Mark Segal hangs out and will answer.
    Or just buy his book on the subject.

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