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  1. Haven't touched my EOS300D for almost 2 years. For life of me, I can't recall
    how and where did I check how many (total) pictures has camera made. Could
    someone please remind me?

    Where exactly in menu or what hot keys or combination needs to be pressed
    together to find how many photoshots I've made with this camera.

    Thank you
  2. Unless you've only used 1 card with it, you can't check. Besides, there's not much danger of the shutter dying until you've taken between 35,000 and 50,000 shots.
  3. Thanks for your note Leopold,

    I'm not troubled by the lifetime of shutter. Merely wanted to remind myself why on earth I can't quite recall the way to find this?

    I've used Extreme II card since begging. Fine. Will place another one.

    But how and where do you access this data reflecting how many shots you made? Are you alluding that once I place another one, I should see this counter without any search?

    Thanks again.
  4. If you have used only one card, the file number of the photo on the CF card will reflect the number of shots, assuming you have the camera set to continuous numbering, and the card was new when you started using it.

    If you have used another card, or if your camera is not set to continuous file numbering, there is no way to find out how many shutter actuations there have been.

    Only the MK1 series cameras explicitly record the shutter actuations number in the EXIF data.

  5. Sorry, that should be "1D" cameras, not "MK1"

  6. Recently, wondering about the shutter count of my 350d, I came across a website that hosted Canon's 300D service utility. It wasn't compatible with my camera so I couldn't actually try it out, but it had some interesting features listed: AE, AF, flash, CMOS and TFT adjustment, image check, set body number... Try googleing for "EOS" or "Kiss" + "adjustment software", or something like that - but I'm afraid I can't find it any more.
    I wish someone had the same thing for my EOS 350d. :)
  7. Thank you all for your suggestions and valuable data.

    Petar, thanks for your note about this service utility. You certainly intrigued me with this one to say least. Really tried to benefit from data you provided with my search. But even with the greatest aplomb failed to find anything of substance related to your description.

    If your browser is still in mercy of your recent history visits, could you please dedicate one look into it and possibly find it easier? Or could you at least offer some finer data? At least what was the nature of that site? Some dealer, enthusiast or perhaps some dedicated photo site?

    I would love to fetch this software.

  8. I found the link but it seems that the file has been deleted. Maybe knowing the file name would help when searching the web, so here's the (now broken) link anyway.
  9. In the right corner it says : 100-0063, pardons gents, but I'm really obsolete this days.

    So how do I read this number? How many shots this makes then?

  10. 100 is the first one hundred pictures. For the 0063, omit the first 2 digits 00, leaves 63. Together it makes picture 63.

    Another example: 234-3456 is picture 13456 ((234-100) x 100) + 56

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