Shopping basket link to 'print on demand' provider in the UK?

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by paul_bell, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. I'm based in the UK and want to launch my own photography website and promote the selling of my prints through social media, etc.

    I'm fine with website creation enough to put together the site but I don't want the added hassle of all the printing and framing so would
    prefer to outsource this. I'm aware that there are companies like Foromoto in the US where I understand you can simply set your
    shopping basket up so that the customer can make their own choices regarding framing, materials and sizes which is then fulfilled by a
    3rd party printshop who also deal with the postage. I'm struggling to find a UK equivalent. Has anyone come across one?

    The alternative option someone mentioned to me is simply sign up to a website provider who also provide in house printing and posting
    of the prints to the customer, maybe something like Smugmug?

    I really would prefer to make my own site thought and leave the printing and postage to someone else. Amy help or guidance would be
    greatly appreciated.
  2. I have a Zenfolio Premium Account, which allows me to use my own domain name, and use templates that allow a high degree of customization. Zenfolio also integrate a shopping cart (you set your own pricing), and back-end fulfillment. Essentially, all you have to do is create the site, set your pricing, select a printing partner and upload photos. You never have to deal with order fulfillment. Zenfolio will directly deposit all sales revenues to your bank, minus their commission. Of course you can view all kinds of logs and metrics.

    You can check out my site at

    If you do sign up with them, you can get $5 off by using my referral code: EXS-4SJ-FGY

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