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  1. If there's on thing that many of like to shoot on the Pentax forum it's birds? Here are a few I shot this week with the K100D Super and DA 50-200. What did you shoot? Please post a few. Cheers.
  2. And another...
  3. Yet another...
  4. And the last...
  5. Nice, 'Duckling' is my favorite of the batch. I will be disappointed if Javier didn't shoot any ducks this week.
  6. Actually, I seem to be taking a break from birds (my shooting, as you may have noticed, is characterized by sequential obsessions) but got this a couple of weeks ago. That duck sure gets around! ;~)
  7. Nice ducks! I am ashamed/proud to say that I have yet to shoot a duck! But I did shoot a dove in Taipei the other day, and an emu in Taipei zoo, and an egret I think? Here's the dove: ISO 800, DA 50-200mm, f8, 1/500 sec.
  8. Here's the emu: ISO 800, DA 50-200 mm, f8, 1/30 sec. Steadied myself against a post.
  9. And now the egret: ISO 800, DA 50-200mm, f5.6, 1/40 sec. Steadied against a log.
  10. Is the dove a pigeon? Is the egret a heron? I know the difference between a Chinese girl and a Japanese girl, but feathered birds confuse me! At least I know the Emu is an Emu!
  11. Nothing brand new but all from this year, late spring and summer. Garry, couldn't you get that Emu to comb it's head? Love the chick shots Duane especially the first one. Osprey [​IMG] Duckling [​IMG] And Mom [​IMG] Great Blue Heron [​IMG] Sparrow [​IMG] Goose [​IMG]
  12. I love that sparrow, Peter and the emu is irresistible--well done Garry!
  13. Here is a pelican I shot out in Santa Monica. [​IMG] - [​IMG] - [​IMG]
  14. Peter, I love that obese sparrow....
  15. Nearby where I live, these birds are literally running loose in the streets. They are actually in peoples yards and so forth. I really should have more pictures of these guys, but I don't... [​IMG]
  16. Not much into shooting birds, usually. But I did have a very enjoyable fling with the seagulls last month.
    <img src="">
  17. Nice collection everyone.. seems to me it's mostly the guys that seem to be interested in shooting the birds.. O Shiva .. great light on that shot.. and Garry.. that emu looks mighty disgruntled if you ask my opinion. Great shot :) I managed to get a few at the Baltimore zoo on Sunday.. DA 50-200 + Tammy 1.4 TC
  18. A leetle one
  19. Now this was one tiny guy..
  20. And finally...
  21. Red-tailed hawk, shot last winter.
  22. Javier, You have peacocks around wild? You must get out there with some of that wonderful glass you have. I really like the second Pelican shot. Haig, great shot of the penguin. Very funny with the last shot. Very nice capture Robert. These guys are tough to get and take off before you even see them most of the time.O Shiva, that show is just surreal. Love the PP work. Is it one image or 2? Funny you guys should like the sparrow. It was taken with FA*300 on a cold day in spring. I was told they puff up for 2 reasons. To look bigger and tougher and to stay warm. This one was taken about 3 weeks later and he's singing his heart out. Again FA*300 [​IMG]
  23. Peter, Over in Arcadia, there is the arboretum where there are wild birds and plants and it is a gorgeous place. well the Peacocks simply fly over the fence (i have been told as I did not think they flew) and have simply taken up residence in the neighborhood...I Live 5 miles from there and have seen the peacocks as close as two miles away. People love them things running around making a ruckus...

    As for the Sparrow, while we are all used to seen them and we are used to seeing endless number of photos of them, your image is well composed and shows the beloved Sparrow in a different light...It is a great bird shot.
  24. A low angle shot of a curous duck from A*300mmF4 . It should be asking "what the hell he is doing there?"


    <img src=""><br><br>
  25. Where I come from this phrase "shooting birds" has a slightly different meaning, as suggested by this detail from a sculpture in the St. Louis Art Museum.
  26. Yes Peter, that seagull is very much 2 images, and very much PP'd allover....;) <br>
    Actually, it is the first of series of not-so-succesfull photo's from my hollyday-trip, photo's that need facelifting just to be presentable. Personally, I'm quite content with the result (if I may say so). <br> <br>
    This is what I made today, plenty imperfections, but I know what the original looks like...... :D)
    <br> <br>
    <img src="">
  27. I really like the shots and the work you do on them O Shiva. You have presented some great work in various
    threads and these follow that vision.

    Daniel, great shot and I like the low angle. Looks like you were swimming with the fishes.

    JDM, funny shot. I guess that sorta follows the theme.
  28. Some very nice and varied bird pics here, but I'm going to keep Haig's cute penguin and his park bird.

    Peter, I love that singing sparrow! It looks so happy :)

    As for Robert's hawk, I don't know what you mean about them being skittish; maybe it's the Canadian ones, cos down here we have them well trained. This red tail hawk was just chillin' and didn't give a damn about the cars or people going past. I even climbed on top of a fence in front of it to improve my angle and it didn't care. I have some 50-odd shots of it, and it was still there when I got bored and walked away. (Shot with the Tamron 1.4x TC + Sigma 70-300mm APO @ ISO400 or so, if anyone cares.)

    Red Tail Hawk (Hawqus Photographicus Modelae Newenglandum)

    I already posted this one in the Bust-a-Prime™ thread, but I like it, so it's getting posted again. (Shot with my CAT lens, which seems appropriate for birding, seeing as cats like birds.)

    Mummy mockingbird feeding her baby

    O Shiva, keep going, your Jonathan Livingstone Seagull series is working out well!
  29. Mis, I loved that mockingbird series first time around - really inspirational! and, of course great doughnut Bokeh!

    Really lovely photos guys, the quality of the shots is just getting better and better! I keep coming back and expecting to be dissapointed, after all it can't be as good as I remember, but it invariably is!
  30. Do these count....?


    <img src="">

  31. How about these...?


    <img src="">


    <img src="">

  32. Those last two are old pics from a couple of years back, BTW, taken with my pre-Pentax-era Canon 350D... I still have that camera but much prefer to use my K100D. Why...? Two words: "shake" and "reduction"... :)
  33. Garry - love the Emu and the Egret. Nice bookeh.

    Peter - Beautiful Osprey, have you ever managed to capture any action shots of these guys with their wings half closed and claws out diving 20-30 meters to the water for a fish? They are simply magnificent raptors to watch. I've never been fortunate enough to photograph one.

    Javier - Peacocks in the yard! Way cool! Great photo too.

    O Shiva - Your second seagull shot is totally mind blowing. No imperfections there.

    Daniel - terrific perspective, beautiful photo, nice bookeh.

    Robert - I know they're common, but I've never seen a Red Tailed Hawk before (not even on vacation) . great photo, thanks for posting.

    JDM - a statue flippin the bird. Awesome. I bet there are politicians who would pay big bucks to place that on the lawn of their opponents. (any Canadians think Danny & Steve!)

    Miserere - the "Mummy Mocking Bird" is a total WOW shot. Well done. That's my fave in this thread.

    Haig - the Goose step! Lol. I really like the photo of the confident little guy.

    Paul - yes all three count. I like the second best and your use of both BW and DOF.
  34. They're all great! <br><br>

    Did that emu have a "bad hair day"?<br><Br>Canada goose and goslings<br><br>
    <img src="">
    <br><br><img src="">
  35. To make up for having neglected birds, I took advantage of some parental waiting time to grab a couple Goldfinch shots.
  36. Dave, for quick grab shots those are great. I have chased GF's for hours this year and have only one so so shot to show for it. John, excellent shots. Mis, I've already said it but that series remains one of my favourites. Someday I'll buy the series from you and hang it in the den (seriously). The Red tailed is nice and sharp. Maybe I should take a shower before shooting or at least stay down wind. They take off on me. Duane, I've tried to capture them fishing and have some shots but I'm not good enough yet to get the one I want. Like you, I've been around the ocean all my life and spent many a day watching them fish. Fun shots Paul and I really like the first one. Here's a few more. Sandpiper [​IMG] Egrets (almost a perfect syncro) [​IMG] Hummer [​IMG] And a gull (still one of my favourites since the colour is so good, one of the last shots with the Bigma before it was sold) [​IMG]
  37. The finches are regular visitors to Clara's tutor's garden so I just brought the DA*300mm with me today to Clara's session. I sat on the ground, leaning against the back tire and waited. Same old story though: these are heavily cropped (I didn't bring the TC.) It also didn't do my back any good ;~\.
  38. Mis got me to thinking about stuff I have thats just been sitting so I took off from work early again. I turned off my cell phone, grabed my K20D and Sigma 500mm lens and went to the beach. I was actually able to hand hold this beast....Boy the K20D is really a fine camera....What surprised me is how close it would focus. These head shots where about 4 feet away. The other is about 50 yards away....In order to focus closely, I needed to really close up the lens. I tried it at F/4.5 but it would not focus... Anyway, here are three more. [​IMG] - [​IMG] - [​IMG]
  39. this last seagull en face is just terrific !
  40. "Seagull en face": YES!
  41. "Holy snappin' " Pardon the pun. Those last 2 shots are sharp and well taken Javier. Love the last shot with him looking straight at you. I'm impressed you could get that kind of detail in the feathers with the background so much darker. If you look at my similar shot above, there is a noticeable difference in the white feathers (I think much more a sensor difference between the K10 and K20 than a lens difference) . Also impressive that these are this sharp when hand held.

    Now time for those Peacocks but then the work will start pilling up...
  42. Javier, any time I can get you thinking, just let me know what I need to do, especially if you're going to produce such a fantastic shot as that Portrait of a Seagull.

    As a side note, I don't understand how stopping down the lens improves focusing because auto-focus (or any focus) is always done with the lens wide open. The lens only stops down when you hit the shutter release.
  43. Thanks guys. Peter, had I got results like your seagull with my Bigma, I would have kept it...

    Mis, What I meant to say was there was so much bokeh with the lens wide open that the images all came out blurry and only by closing it up was I able to get good clear shots. Even at F8 it had way to much bokeh. F11 was starting to get ok.

    What perplexes me is why the two different tones of sky? WB maybe?
  44. Went digging in my files, cause I remembered this one bird. Called a woodpigeon, in english? <br>
    <img src="">
  45. Javier, it could very much depend on the metering. I'm going to assume that you were using spot metering and the first shot was metered off the white profile (unless these are cropped) since the eye is not in the center. The second shot was metered off the beak which is very yellow. So it may have tricked the AWB a little. I can only guess but the WB looks better in the 2nd. The blue is the first is more vibrant but probably not a natural water or sky colour.

    It's a very tough scene to have the camera try and WB. There's nothing even close to 18% gray in either shot. Considering the white is almost perfect in both, the camera did a great job estimating correct WB where many cameras would have used the white as the reference and dulled that colour. In my gull above, there's lots of gray for the camera to adjust.

    As for the gull shot (and the goose above was also the Bigma), it was a good lens without question but just so big. I'm just as happy with the FA*300 and either Tamron 1.4 or Pentax 1.7 to get the same reach. That combo doesn't hunt focus as much and is a touch nicer in IQ. Of course the 300 alone smokes any when used alone. If the funds had permitted it, I might have kept it but it wouldn't have gotten much use I don't think.
  46. Peter,
    I do not remember the metering I used. Yesterday I was a total air head. If interested I can you send you the image at full res through e mail. There is no PP done other than resizing them. I wonder if this is a case where RAW would have been better...Well since I was to lazy and tired when I got home yesterday, my Lens and camera is still in my truck. Perhaps another trip to the beach is in order. :)
    I need to take a picture of the rig. That body with Grip looks like a tiny point and shoot with that mamath lens on it.
  47. Javier, The EXIF data will tell you the metering mode. I'd guess it was spot for both. Mutli-point may not have been a whole lot different (no gray to work with) but the blue might have been closer to each other. Raw will always produce a slightly better (in some shots) and significantly better (in other shots) WB exposures. And even if there is little difference from a Jpeg, there's a lot more latitude for PP changes later. You should shoot RAW +. That way you can use the Jpegs for review and then save the RAW's of the special shots you might work on later.

    But don't take any of this negatively. I like both shots and like the others, the second one is outstanding. Just offering some thoughts on the colour difference question you posted.

    It's a massive lens without question and produces some incredible shots. You are a brave man to leave that gear in the truck. I hope no crooks are reading this.
  48. Javier's stare-out seagull portrait is the clear pick of this bunch for me... It's hard to take a pic of such a familiar bird that makes you stop and stare (back...!), but that one does... :)

  49. I'd call that a Mourning Dove, O Shiva I guess the name refers to the lamentation-like call. It really is a handsome bird but don't seem to be photographed very much (because they look so bourgeois? ;~) I practically have to shoo them away to make room for the woodpeckers.
  50. Ha ha, and here I am, 40 years on, thinking that it was spelled "morning" dove!!!
  51. here's my addition I thought it looked better as a B-W
  52. The caliber of the images captured in this thread is wonderful. I am humbled by how exceptionally outstanding each of the photo contributions is and must say that it's a privlege to have my duck shots displayed in a thread with such superb captures. As a very inexperienced hobbyist you guys inspire me to achieve better results. You are also fueling my LBA. Javier - I want that lens or at least double the range of my DA 50-200! I'm even thinking about selling my Taylor Made Clubs and purchasing the Sigma APO 120-400mm F4.5-5.6 DG OS HSM. I can also see LBA rehab in the not too distant future.....
  53. I have a couple from my trip out west.
  54. Here's a neat Sage Grouse shot on the way up 10,233 ft Mt Washburn
  55. An Osprey in it's nest. There was alittle guy in there as well that poked his head up, but that shot was a touch blurry.
  56. And lastly, the majestic eagle soaring high above our heads at Upper Two Medicine Lake, a 4 mile hike.
  57. %$#~ ! A very large raptor visited my tree this morning and I missed it completely. I was so intent on getting to a spot where I could take a good shot that I didn't even get bad one for ID purposes. Yes, Mis, they are skittish.
  58. Despite, and certainly excepting, my own joking "bird", I have to say that these are some of the best bird shots I've seen. Congratulations one and all.
  59. Truly excellent shots! Javier, I agree that the second gull looking head on is the hands down winner! Beaut!
  60. Bob, those are 4 incredible images. Love the grouse!. Well captured.

    Btw glad you didn't get too close to the Osprey, it or it's mate might have wanted you to back off. Nasty stare!
  61. Blimey, I didn't realise that ospreys took their nest-building quite so seriously... :)
  62. JDM, if you like bird pics, I think you could do a lot worse than to check out some of Mark B Bartosik's pics in
    this thread:

    I'm no wildlife snapper myself, but I can see pretty clearly that he is... :)
  63. Paul, I can't match those but frankly I'm not that taken with them only for one reason. They look heavily cropped to get the close up and they are too close IMHO. If that's just site and Jpeg compression I'm seeing, then I apologize in advance. They are very good but I just wish not so cropped.

    If you want to see some great Pentax work with wildlife, Google "Marc Langille Photography" and have a look at what he's done with a K20D lately.
  64. I take that back. I didn't look at the very bottom of the thread. He's got some great stuff there.
  65. Hi folks, Thanks for the comments on that head shot. It has gave me an idea. Here are some more bird shots I took yesterday. K10D and Sigma 135-400...I am looking forward to Sigmas 120-400 when it finally comes out. Very harsh light, but I like the effect. [​IMG] - And as many egrets as I have shot, this is the first I am happy with. [​IMG]
  66. So many great shots. Been lurking a while but have to jump in somewhere so time to brush up on the html.
    (Click image to enlarge)
    Heavily PS'd, the more I try to fix it the more I like the original, even tho it was overexposed. Just tried to add a little sky back in but seems a little too purple. My PS skills are actually worse than my photography skills so it's a long road ahead. Shot with an ME Super with a Focal 135mm. Think I had the exposure compensation dial up one notch trying to catch the mama bird popping her head up. Got lucky when papa came in for a landing (or vice versa, I'm not sure). One of the few hand-held shots I've taken that's actually fairly focused, sitting in a chair on the patio helped. Not sure what type of bird it is, taken in Canyon Lake, Tx down at my mother's house.
    Anyway, looking forward to learning more from all of you, I've soaked in quite a bit already the last few weeks. I'll throw in a couple stills from my Palmcorder, maybe someone can identify the eggs.
    [​IMG]</ br>[​IMG]
  67. Lots of great bird images here. Love Ben's magpie, O.Shiva's woodpidgeon (and surreal gull), and Javier's gull, Peter's sparrow, Daniel's duck, Robert's hawk, and Bob's eagle & osprey.

    Peter, what happened to the branches on that osprey shot? Edges of the osprey out the background?
  68. Brendon, that's a fun boot and bird shot. Great shot of the Egret Javier!

    Andrew, thanks and I don't know. The shot is fine on the computer but it was original size when I loaded it to imageshack. but looks ok there. I think it might be something to do with resizing and the very bright sky.
  69. I shoot a lot of herons and egrets because they are easily accessible, and when I go to the beach I try to get some pelicans, they are fun and a challege to shoot in flight.

    Pentax K10D / Tamron AF70-300mm Di
  70. Rod, those are some nice captures. I like the pelican in particular.
  71. ok, some ducks from today and I am done... [​IMG] - [​IMG] - [​IMG]
  72. Javier,

    Great shots..I can't believe how close and detailed some of them are.

    I think you've moved into a whole new realm of nature photography with that equipment.
  73. Rod, Thank you..I appreciate the kind words. :)
  74. Duane: Very nice duck shots...the duckling shot is a real winner- so sharp, well composed and interesting !!!

    Peter: The white goose is awesome !!!

    Daniel: The angle and lighting really sets this shot apart. Did you go swimming also?

    Miserere: What a magical moment you caught there
  75. Rod, thanks for the comment. And to return the compliment, the first Heron shot is about as good as I've seen. They are very tough to get close to. The second Egret is also a winner. very good stuff!

    The last duck series is good Javier.Nice job with the bright white feathers in direct sun.
  76. Too late to join in? Or shall I just start a new thread... ??

  77. Marc, Great to see you here!
    I would say start a new thread so more folks can see and admire your work. :)
  78. Thanks Javier - will post when time permits! I had some good fortune just last Friday... :cool:

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