Self-Timer continuous on 6D?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by catcher, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. I'm considering purchasing a 6D camera. Maybe this is a basic question, but I've done some searching, even found the 6d instruction manual online, but haven't found an answer (or, maybe I have but I don't like it).
    My T2i has a self-timer continuous option. You can select how many pictures you want it to take (up to 10) after a delay of 10 seconds. This has worked very well for my family. We have small kids. For family portraits we set the timer on delay continuous for 10 shots. I set the exposure and focus. Press the button. Sit with the family. And we smile for 10 frames. There's usually at least one where everyone is smiling looking at the camera.
    Is this a feature that the 6D has? I have the original 5D and it does not have this feature, but I assumed that was just because it was older. But looking at the 6D manual, I don't see the function mentioned.
    If the 6D does not have this feature, what is a possible workaround? The 6D is wifi enabled, but the Iphone app (as best I can tell) also does not support multiple shots. Each shot would need to be triggered individually. The 6D instruction manual references Remote controller RC-6. But I'm assuming that then again I would need to press it for each exposure?
    Thanks for any info.
    PS, if the 6D does not have this function, does the 5Dii or 5Diii have it?
  2. I don't think it has it. You can use a wireless remote instead - cheap, very small and better as you can trip the release when you want it rather than having to watch the flashing red light.
  3. Thanks Robin. To be clear, is this from experience? Could others who have used the camera chime in, in particular with work arounds? Perhaps Robin is right that a wireless remote is best.
  4. Aaron, I don't have, and haven't used any of the cameras you mention. In my experience those are characteristics usually
    found in more basic cameras, while more advanced cameras don't have those options available.

    It is possible that a third party "firmware" (hack) could add the option you are looking for (I'm pretty sure the CHDK would
    add it to a Powershot that doesn't includes it, but don't know if there is an equivalent for the EOS series).
  5. Aaron,
    It's not on the 5mkII-don't know about the 6D. Sorry I wasn't clearer.
  6. You can control and trigger the 6D with the iOS EOS Remote app:
    If you're old skool, use a TC80N3 to time and set number of releases:
    I haven't tried it, but I assume you can combine auto bracketing with self-timer for multiple shots if you don't want to use a hardware controller.
  7. Thanks all for the responses. I appreciate it. Looks like at this point a remote controller might be the best option. I won't always be able to hide an Iphone in my hand during pictures!
    I'll check back in case others have further insight.
  8. Forgot to mention it: the TC-80N3 may be another solution (actually maybe the only one approved by Canon). It allows to
    set an initial timer, a number of shots, and an interval between shots.
  9. I too have this problem. My kids are 5 and 3 and the Canon XS served me well for years but I've upgraded to the 6D and not having the ability to take multiple shots with the self timer has meant that portraits are not turning out well.
    I just tried Puppy Face's advice, combining the self timer with multiple bracketing. I was successful in setting up 5 shots (3 or 7 are also possible) with different exposures using the timer. If the optimal shot (with everyone not blinking) was taken with the wrong exposure, I can always correct it in Photoshop or Lightroom. It's not the optimal solution, but with young (and impatient) kids, I don't have time to pair the camera to my phone's remote app, which takes significantly longer.
    Here are the links I used:
    For setting up multiple bracketing shots:
    Auto Exposure Bracketing:

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