SD card capacities and the Nikon D50

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  1. I have read that some people have been able to use 4gb SD cards in the Nikon
    D50 but encounter problems.

    What is the largest SD card that Nikon recommends that you can use in the D50?
  2. The 1GB SB card seems to work without a hitch. You'd have to see what the instruction booklet 'suggests' as to the size of SD card best to use.
  3. I have used a 2GB card in my D50 without any problems. Well, at least without any problems
    from the camera . . . turns out my card reader is not compatable with 2GB cards. I guess
    Belkin doesn't use forward looking engineering.
  4. I use 1 GB's because they hold 135 images in RAW form (actually a tad more when it's filled up) and I like to have multiple cards on hand in case one fries out on me. I would rather lose a smaller card with less images then a larger card with 2 weeks of images. Plus a smaller card encourages me to empty them more frequently, therefore making me want to fill them up again that much more.

    Honestly I don't know about the D50's max SD size, though I would guess it is 2GB since that is what the high end was when the D50 came out. Maybe a firmware update will fix this, if you are having problems still, but firmwares are rare and mostly for widespread issues that seriously affect the cameras usage. I would think being forced to use 2 GB cards instead of 4 GB cards wont spur Nikon to update the firmware and risk having people screw up their cameras by doing something silly whilst updating.

    PS I just checked the nikon website for myself and there are no firmare updates for the D50 yet....

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    The D50 does not support SDHC (high capacity) while the D80 does. Therefore, technically, you cannot use 4G SD cards on the D50.

    However, according to Rob Galbraith's test results, if you format a 4G card elsewhere, you can use it on the D50. See footnote #4 at the bottom of this page:
  6. I seem to remember the D50 manual stating that cards over a certain size (1 or 2Gb) are not recommended.
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    Again, since the D50 does not support SDHC, 2G is its limit. However, while you cannot format a 4G SD card on the D50 itself, Rob Galbraith found out that he can use one on the D50 if you format it elsewhere.

    The D80 supports SDHC and therefore works with 4G and up SD cards.
  8. Keep in mind that the instructions/guidelines in the D50 manual were written before many of the new SD card formats were even developed. The proof is by trial.
  9. i find i have trouble deleating the image comments on my d50 any advice.cawthorneroy.
  10. I've just purchased a 4GB SD card (ScanDisk) and the camera displays a message "This card cannot be used" when I try ro use it. There's also a flashing CHR (or is it CHA) message on the LCD display. Bummer......

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