Scenes That No Longer Exist

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  1. Short lived Red Rooster Restaurant. Best Cob salad I've ever had.

  2. Mr. Ziffels, RIP 2017 DSC_4423x1000z.JPG
  3. Austin Skyline...Frost Bank Tower can no longer be seen because of construction of a Marriott Hotel. DSC_2148.jpg
  4. SCL


    1956 The ecologically SCL 1956 Lake Bluff  232 Moffett Rd 1955 approx.jpg friendly house I lived in as a teenager. Now the site of an ridiculously expensive, ugly McMansion. Kodachrome.
  5. Weston-Super-Mare pier taken in 2005, destroyed by fire in 2008. Old pier-web.jpg
  6. 008a Limpiabotas-NikonF-NikkorQ135.jpg Nikon F. Nikkor-Q 135. Tri-X at ISO 1600. Acufine (straight) 14' 21ºC
  7. Laerdal, Norway on a dull day in 2012 Norw207_web0.jpg
    completely destroyed by fire 2014
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  8. Bill Snell

    Bill Snell Bill Snell

    Now part of a sports store.
  9. The remains of Brighton East Pier, a bit more falls each year.

  10. 76516B04-4156-4123-AC91-ED9D2CA03B1E.jpeg

    Roman ruins in Beit-Meri, looted and destroyed by the Occupying Syrian troops during the Lebanese civil war 1975-1990. Photo from the late 60’s.
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    London from St.Pauls '78-'79 Nikon Scan from Chrome
  12. Sky over Mesa, Az. today.

  13. Due to local politics, cronyism and a healthy dose of corruption, this slaughterhouse had to move from this location.

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  14. Candye Kane, blues singer, died at 54 years old. Many of the blues performers I've seen have passed on at a relatively young age.
    MBBF 10_Candye Kane_6.jpg
  15. post-Mormon Icarian community house
    at Nauvoo, Illinois
    ca 1849
    demolished in the Mormon "restorations"
  16. endurance.jpg Tree Gone, Love Still Strong.....
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  17. 20130510_143958.jpg
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