Ruins on the Banks of the River

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  1. Tagus River as it passes through Toledo
    0033a RíoTajo Molino Ruina Arriba Castillo San Servando-Toledo-NAFS18-105VR.jpg Nikkor AF-S 18-105 DX (26)
  2. Rome-Hadrian's-Tomb-crcr-e.jpg
    Ruin of Hadrian's Tomb, repurposed​
  3. Detroit rip-rap 4 s.jpg
    Detroit riprap, Snake River, Idaho
  4. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    07-133_2703 - TONY0063 - Sluice Gates 001a.jpg

    Disused Sluice by River Bure, Lammas, Norfolk

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