Rolleiflex T Type 1 - Welcome!

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by canwewin, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. I recently purchased a Rolleiflex T (Type 1) for a new project.
    It's in mint condition, I think the price was fair, 300$.
    Everything works as it should, smooth. The only downside is the focusing screen, it is a little dark, but I can live with that!
    I shot and developed a test roll....
  2. Another one...
  3. Couple of pictures:
  4. Last one...
  5. Nice find Ludwig! Seems like a very good price for a sample in such good condition. Was the first image wide open?
    Now, what's that project you bought the camera for?
  6. Steve, thank you! The camera is indeed in very good condition!
    The first one I don't remember if it was wide open, maybe f4.
    The project is about a wide rural area near where i live. I think the square format works well for such project.
  7. Nice-looking camera with a couple of high-quality images. Good luck with your project. Be sure to post some results from your project.
  8. 300 for a Rolleiflex in good working order is a good deal indeed. I once had a Rolleiflex Automat purchased for 50 bucks in not so good condition and it cost me 400 to fix it. Nice results you got from yours. I'm looking forward to see some images from your project.
  9. That is a good price for a nice Rolleiflex! I'm continually impressed by that Tessar lens. Looking forward to seeing some images from "the project".
  10. There are focussing screens that may be brighter than the original screen. You do not say what is in the
    camera now.
  11. Thanks for the comment everyone.
    The project's gonna take some times...I'll post some pictures for sure.
    About the screen, it's a matt one with split image and grid.
  12. Original Rollei Screens are notoriously dark. There are many replacements out there from about $30.00 and up.
  13. Nice price for a Rollei T, you will enjoy using it...a true classic. Yours looks in really great condition, lucky man.
    I find the screens a bit dark too, but still very effective for focusing, and some of bight screens can be easier to view but a little harder to focus accurately.
    Look forward to seeing some more images with your new camera!
  14. I searched the internet, there are some screens that cost about 20-25 dollars, not original Rollei's. Are they good? Or is better to buy an original screen? And those "cheap" screens, do they work well, or need recalibration?
    Thank you
  15. Ludwig,
    The "T" is fitted with the removable finder hood. It means that the screen is designed to be exchanged by the user without the need for a recalibration. When purchasing a new screen make sure you get the right size. There have been several sizes over the years. I have not used the really cheap ones but many others have. They are worth a try.

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