Rolleiflex GX and FX - are they really different?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by noddy_b, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. I have searched throught the forum on the GX and FX, and from the posts found the
    two cameras to be exactly the same except for the looks - lizard skin and other
    cosmetic stuff. I wonder if this is really the case. Thx for your help.

    Also another question: are there any good Rollei dealers in Boston area, MA? Thx
  2. Check this out:
    Rollie Neat Information
    Check camera clubs in Boston area or other photo shops in the area.
    Hope this helps!
  3. Subject: Response to Rolleiflex GX and FX - are they really different?

    I recently buy a new 2.8 FX (I had used 2.8 GX early model with synchro compur shutter...)
    I agree with the GX and FX are similar... The Conspicuous difference, even it is not so big for the picture but for the owner's fancies, is following, I think..

    1. AS you mentioned. the skin is brown eligater type lether. really beautiful and luxurious and the rollei mark is so classic...

    2. shutter is different..I contacted with Rollei company about the shutter.. and They replied to me that After 2002 summer the don't use seiko but use copal shutter.So early model of FX is Seiko.. ( I've experienced compur shutter for old 2.8 F, 2.8 GX.3.5 Xenotar, seiko shutter for 2.8 GX later model. and copal shutter for 2.8 FX. I favor copal and 2.8 F compur shutter. Compur for 2.8 GX was not so good as the 2.8 F and copal. but better than seiko's that made me feel much spring elsaticity feeling like shooting gun.)

    3.I don't konw the reason but the screen became brighter... I didn't comfirm this fact to rollei company. but, more easy to focusing. GX screen was bright but I always used magnifier for exact focus. but In case of FX. It is not so difficult to focus on subject without using magnifier... I can feel more contrast through the screen. so It is easy...

    I bought FX.. but If you want only about picture.. I think GX is choice Otherwise If you care about the machine and picture at the same time, and can afford much money for 1 fixed lens camera for over 2400 USD. then Buy a new FX. It will not disappoint you...

    Have a nice day...
  4. Thank you so much for your responses.


    May I ask where you buy the FX? Is this in the US? And if I buy a FX how do I make sure that it will be the one made after Summer 2002?

    I am going to be in US next week for a couple of weeks and plan to get an FX if that is possible. I live in Thailand and getting a Rolleiflex here is pretty difficult and they are way overpriced.

    Thank you for your help.
  5. Hi noddy. I am Korean. In Korea It's also difficult to buy...
    I bought my one at HongKong one of my friend had a chance to go there and I asked him to buy FX.
    So far as I know HongKong is much cheaper place to buy.I am not so sure but At e-bay a women sold FX, and she said she bought at FX at newyork about 3000 USD and furthermore The exchange rate of Yuro getting higher.
    I am sorry that I can't give any information that you need...
    Have a nice day...
  6. If someone is looking for a GX, Christoph Greiner, a german dealer who is a real pleasure to deal with, has two for sale: A used one (good looking and completely working) for EUR 1325 and a new one including guarantee for EUR 2280 plus VAT (see So the prices quoted seem to be a bit high.
    I fear Germany is a bit too far to say that it is in the boston area, but maybe this may serve as a good price guide.
    Regards - Kai
  7. Actually, it is
  8. The new GX shutters can not compair to the 3.5F's that I have . I bought an FX Hong Kong and the early shutter was very bad. I could not even go from 1/60 to 1/125 without damaging my finger. I just got a 75 year model which has the compur which is not too bad but there is a ringing sound when the shutter is fired. I have not used a copal model. The older Rolleis are realy good with the stay up film spool holders and the auto frame regester. The problem is with a 50 year old camera things go wrong. Even after CLA the shutters stick within a year or so. I guess the GX is a good balance point I whish they would upgrade the film counter and spools.

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