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  1. My Rollei 2.8E (the first model - waistlevel is not removable) has a focusing screen with the grid lines and split-image in the center (Doden wedges). The image in the viewfinder is darker a bit in the corners, but not considerably darker. So, I wonder, is it a normal stock screen? Or the screen was changed by the previous owner(s)?
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  2. I just spent a considerable amount of time at my Pro shop and walked away with the 3.5E.
    Looking at both cameras it was explained that this was the normal "stock" glass and there is a replacement for a much brighter screen but I forgot the name.
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  4. The original screen on my 2.8E did not have a split image rangefinder. I had it replaced with a Rolleiclear screen [AFAIK the first "bright screen] in 1965. That screen has a split image RF and is quite bright in the corners. There are even better bright screens available now.
  5. The original screen was a fine grained ground glass with grid lines.
    There was an accessory fresnel lens, called "Rolleigrid", that fit the camera. It had a clear spot in the center. Some people changed the ground glass for the later F-model plastic screen with built in fresnel lens and split-image. It had to be cut to fit, but had the same thickness as the original screen. It's probably the "Rolleiclear" that Robert Marvin mentions. If it looks like this, it is:
  6. Thank you, guys!
    It seems I have a Rolleiclear screen in my 2.8E - it looks like on the picture in the link - grid lines with split image.
    Buy the way, does Rolleiclear has a built in fresnel lens? I've just ordered Rolleigrid to improve it, but maybe it's not necessary...
  7. Yes, it actually is a fresnel lens with the other side matte. It's made in one piece. You don't need the Rolleigrid.

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