Rolleicord IIc and Mamiya rb67 pro-s leatherette

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  2. Hello,

    does anyone have a pdf file from which I can cut the leatherette for Rolleicord IIc. (and at the same time, if someone needs a pdf scann file of the Mamiya rb67 Pro-s original vinyl / leatherette covers, I did scanned mine when I took them of the camera for cleaning flattening and eventually re-gluing ). Mail me.

    OR …. can anyone recommend reliable, honest, professional source for pre-cut leatherette for Rolleicord 2c. By reliable I mean someone who can actually deliver what they advertise and offer on their sites, ebays, etsy`s ....

    So that when I click on "buy it now" button on listed/offered Rolleicord IIc covers, I actually do get covers for Rolleicord II c, not for IIa, Vb or similar (like I did and lost my money dealing with Hugostudio – no offer refund, no offer to send another set or to correct his mistake, "unwillingtohelp" communication, …).

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  4. SCL


    You might contact aki-asahi or cameraleather.
  5. Quick update. I did order Aki-Ashai covers / leatherette and I would like to thank you again for recommendation SCL.

    Professional attitude. Kind in communication. Quick shipping. And perfect fit of their product on my Rolleicord IIc camera. Front, top and left covers where replaced (looking the front of the camera). Even the texture is a nice fit to original panels.


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