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  1. 815AB564-5BFE-4BAB-9EE5-66BCD50854E0.jpeg So I bought a GREAT 2.8f recently. Camera is very near mint. Only problem is, the focusing screen is cloudy as hell. I’ve never seen this before. (Ive owned 4 Rollei’s) as a comparison, I’ve included a pic of my 3.5E screen. It’s clear as a bell. What a difference. I believe they are both stock screens so I’m. Not sure what happened with the 2.8. Maybe bad cleaning? Can anyone hazard a guess? Anyway, I’d like to get it swapped. Can someone recommend a good screen that won’t break the bank? Thanks in advance!
  2. Spring for a Maxwell screen. Google it and you will find contact information for Mr. Maxwell. Looks like your screen was "vigorously cleaned" several times. Also, check the mirror to make sure it is clean.
  3. The mirror is absolutely flawless, so that's not the issue. Cleaning it is : ( ill keep an eye out, on fleabay. Thanks!
  4. I replaced my screen by cutting one down from a Mamiya RB using directions I found online. 100% improvement!
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  5. Rick Oleson sells a series of bright screens that I have found to be excellent replacements. They are about 1/4 the price of a Maxwell and a huge improvement over most of the stock ROllei screens.
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