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  1. I am having a real Rollei month, and I do love them, so time to air out the 3.5F which I haven't used in quite a while. My 3.5 is the youngest Rollei that I own, but oddly enough it is also the first one that I bought.
    I acquired this in the late seventies, it cost an arm and a leg even then, but it was a purchase that I never regretted as it really delivers and has even kept it's value!
    My 3.5 has the Planar lens, and it is a wonderful thing, but to be quite honest the Xenotar is just as good, as is the Tessar on lesser models if you close then down a bit. The Planar has kept the collector interest though, which is great if you want to sell one, but a pain if you are buying.
    Like Leicas, I do believe that Rolleis for the most part are very over valued...shame, as they are such wonderful things to actually take pictures with and should not be shelf Queens.
    Anyway, I just shot a few at Short Point where I often walk the dogs...the light was nice and the Rollei easy to carry.
  2. First pic.
  3. Try that again.
  4. Sorry, went oversize with that!
    Next pic.
  5. That's all folks, thanks for looking, and I will leave you alone for a while! Film here was FP4+ developed in PMK.
  6. You do know how to tempt a guy. Between the Olympus E-M1, Leica M4 and Contax IIA outfits I don't have enough time
    to shoot them all, but having a Rollei again and doing the processing myself would sure be a lot of fun. It'd be interesting
    just trying to process a film that size..never done it before. Back when, the film all went to the local pro lab, that's still there
    but no longer does film processing.

    I love the contrast you captured in these images.
  7. Lovely capable camera. Sorry but I have to disagree with you with regards to the lesser ones. Everyone always told me that the Tessar or its Sneidar equivalents are lovely too, my Xenar was no were near as sharp as the Tessar. So I sold it. If and when I can afrod one I shall definitely buy a Planar version. These are lovely images.
  8. Nice images. Thanks for posting.
  9. Love the pics!
  10. You really are flexing your Rolleis, Tony: a grand series of photographs, indeed. I think that beaches, wet sand and rock and a low light are as good as it gets for the monochrome devotee. "Rock Patterns" really pops.
  11. Nice images and a handsome camera. The only camera I had of this size was the Yashica 124G. I enjoyed it for awhile and then sold it. Thanks for the post. sp.
  12. Hi

    After 40+ years and seven Rolleiflex-cameras I think Rolleiflex 3.5F and 2.8F were the best ones I´v had.


    Esa Kivivuori ARPS
  13. Hi again,

    Some of my Rolleiflex pics can also be seen here:

    (Rolleiflex 2.8F, Fujichrome Provia 100F) From up to bottom:

    - Sakasti Tapiolan kirkko www
    - 06 Tapiola church
    - 05 Tapiola church
    - 04 Tapiola church
    - 03 Tapiola church
    - 02 Tapiola church


  14. Lovely work yet again Tony. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Good eye Esa !
    Nice images out of your "square"...
    Below is a camera I used to shoot weddings with, and one I'll never get rid of...
  16. I agree, nice work Esa, good to see some more Rollei photos. Nice 2.8 Gus, glad you have kept it. I used the 3.5F for some wedding pictures, especially in churches when the Hasselblad was way too noisy.
  17. I've owned several Rolleiflexes over the years. A 2.8C and D, one with Xenotar and one with Planar, and then two MX-EVS models -- I sold the first to buy the second one, which I kept for almost 20 years. In a moment of weakness, telling myself I'd never use it again (I get like that sometimes), I sold it. It was almost mint and I got good money for it, but dang, I still miss it.
    Well, I can't easily afford Rolleiflexes anymore, so what I did to slake my thirst for a 6x6 twin-lens was to buy a Yashica Mat 124. Not the "G" model that seems to go for more than it's worth, but the plain 124, which is basically the same, except it's got more metal and a lot less plastic than the G. And I must say that I'm hard pressed telling the difference in image quality between this 124 and my old Rollei 3.5s. Still wish I wouldn't have sold that last Rollei though.
  18. Great Shooting Tony .. I love that first shot from above. @Esa like to see some puch process stuff. I love
    your "glowing" Pyro work Tony . I wish my stuff would look like it came from umm "down under"
  19. A bit late to the party, but excellent work Tony! The tonality is really beautiful, you definitely got the Planar, film and chemical bond together. I should get my 3.5F Planar out more often: I got distracted by my newly acquired 2.8C Xenotar.
  20. Tony, lovely photos. Where do you source your PMK from - I'd like to try it. Thanks in anticipation
  21. I just sent a new (to me) Xenotar 3.5E (S/N to Mr. Fleenor to prepare it for shooting.
    I do hope to run my first roll of XP2 through it and have any one shot approach the quality of those above. Oh, my.
  22. I just burned of a couple of rolls, one in my 3.5 Tessar MVS and one in my 3.5F Planar, same subject and honestly the only difference seems to be a bit higher contrast on the Planar

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