Rodenstock Eurynar 1:4.5/16.5 cm & Voigtlander Heliar 1:4,5/18 cm

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  1. Just pick up these two lenses, very hard to find some information about. I have Rodenstock Eurynar 4,5/13,5 cm and I have collect some information, would like to know is 16.5 cm simmilar. For 16.5 cm there is not a word in collectors vadameccum? Serial refers that it was made between 1920-1930. Voigtlander Heliar is also verys nice. Pleae help with some more informations.
  2. Go to and scroll down to G. Rodenstok Lens of Quality Catalog 1912. The Eurynar is a Double Anastigmat, and yours is newer than those listed. There are 2 Voigtlander catalogs futher down the page from the Rodenstok catalogs that show the Heliar lens but I cannot read, I assume, German for the 1927 catalog.
  3. thank you, helps a lot.
  4. Hi Darko,
    The Eurynar was a 4 element all air spaced similar to the original Alvan Clark double Gauss invention. It also related to Rodenstock's family of similar offerings called Lumar and Ronar. There were so many around that it is hard to find out what the angle of view was because they ranged from 90 degrees to 3o degrees, probably around 50 or so, but that is just a guess. The wide angle versions were not as well received as the others.
    The Voightlander Heliars and Dallmeyer Pentacs were similar 5 element lenses with great reputations. The two companies both claimed to be the first. Front and rear cemented doublets with a double concave center balancing element. Among the very best of them were the Kodak Medalist lenses, the enlarging 50mm f4.5 and 75mm f4.5 Ektars, and the several Kodak highly recommended graphic arts lenses. Nobody make better lenses of these Kodak 5 element lenses until the post WWII 6 element plasmat type lenses.
  5. thnx Lynn, very nice tips!!

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