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    This message is to the poster who was having problems earlier in the week removing the back of his camera. Due to the loss of some posts during the implementation of PN 2.0, If you didn't get my updated advice on compressing the film plate with pictures of the interior, please let me know and I'll resend it. If you got it and it works, great...enjoy your camera.
  2. Hi Steve,
    Thank you for following up. Unfortunately during the kerfuffle, I didn't see your message.
    I did manage to get the back off after some (wince!) twisting. As it turned out, the knob on the outside was not properly engaging the latch mechanism on the inside, and so I tightened the screws holding it in place. The back was slightly warped at the edge near the knob, and I straightened this out, and now it mounts okay. The only issue is that the plate covering the wind mechanism in the base of the back, which is normally attached by 2 small screws, is missing those screws and was floating free! I need to find screws to affix it in place (suggestions for where I might find these screws would be very helpful). And then it will be ready to shoot!
    Thanks for your help,
  3. SCL


    The screw sizes aren't unusual, although it might be easier to use screws which don't have a taper on the underside of the head. I looked thru my junk box, but didn't find any short enough. Your local camera repair person probably has a junk box of screws much more robust than mine and might even be willing to give you those two screws for free' although for goodwill, I'd offer him/her a small sum.

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