Respected Camera Review Website Imaging Resource is Shutting Down

Discussion in 'News' started by Nick D., Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Sorry, just more bad news:(
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    How is this bad news? I’m sorry if I seem harsh but it seems to me that the photography medium has suffered with the onslaught of discussion based solely wether the latest and greatest is truly as great as the latest tech allows. While I could go off on some artistic rant, let me ask what have all these camera centric reviews done for a dedicated photo enthusiast? Because it seems to me they have created the wave of expectations of when will the new model come out, when can the lens become faster, could the manufacturer line the tripod legs with gold to help reduce vibration. Yes we could blame the manufacturer, but that’s like blaming the politicians we are the ones at fault, we drank the mind numbing koolaid

    Just saying for years I had to cock my own shutter just to make an exposure and I was content.
  3. Yeah, you do. Even overboard.
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  4. Even as somebody who buys used equipment almost exclusively, I find the old reviews from sites like this extremely valuable in deciding whether to purchase something or not.

    I'm far more passionate about old film cameras than modern digital cameras and 95% of the digital images I take are shot on a smart phone. But I still use a DSLR on occasion and it's getting kind of long in the tooth. It works just fine but I think a mirrorless camera would be better suited for my needs. It won't be anytime soon but when I do decide to make the move, I'll be taking advantage of review sites like the one that apparently won't be there anymore. So, yeah, it is a loss.
  5. Following thirty-four years with film I switched completely to digital in 2003 with little knowledge of the technology. Imaging Resource's staff helped me in the transition. Their expert reviews familiarized me with a lot of gear, also demonstrating how specific gear performed in various controlled setups. Their Comparometer was very helpful. A great wealth lies on those servers. Understandably the image-making culture is moving on.
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  6. I am certainly not one to rush out to buy new photo equipment and don't hang on every word in reading reviews of new stuff. BUT I do happen to be in the market for some older gear and so I read reviews about that sort of camera. Which I find helpful. If the latest and (not so) greatest digital camera review site is shutting down, it won't impact my world- but if we think about today's society and how we are all walking target markets to the Nth degree, well suffice it to say that this will possibly impact more than few.
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    I am sort of on @2d frame on this. See that? Frame? Ha!

    It looks like a very nice site. But it is just one of the dozens that do the same thing to varying degrees of accuracy. To be honest, I have never heard of that resource before today. And I am one who spends weeks looking at every possible review, assessment, and discussion on a major purchase before I pony up the dollars. Done this for myself, others, and as the executive responsible for technology at several concerns and university systems. Again, I never heard of them.

    This said, it probably would be better if one of the arsehat sites (no well-known ones mentioned) that spend their time ragging on something because only 9 angels are on the head of the pin instead of 10 fell into the abyss... :oops:
  8. Thanks for drawing my attention to this site, which I also had not heard of before.
    I'm quite satisfied with my current Nikon DSLR, but I nonetheless checked out this site's review of it. I found the review of this Nikon model to be nauseatingly effusive, and clearly meant to motivate the reader to click on one of the links at the bottom of their review and thereby earn for this site some measure of financial compensation.
    The description of the camera's features and capabilities reads a lot like what you would hear in a camera store from a salesman pushing the sale of the camera because he works on commission.

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