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  1. Hello
    I have a photograph ( close up of babies face) size W17.8 x H11.8 inches 240 res W4288 x H2848 pixels.
    I need to make this an 8x10 constraining porporations & the photgraph to look the same.(content)
    Can this be resized without distorting the photo & not cropping too much off sides.
    I will post my photo.
  2. Easiest thing to do is set Photoshop's crop tool to 8x10 at the resolution you wish and crop. If the proportions are off, you'll have visual control over what gets cropped away.
  3. I found when I cropped it to an 8x10, it cropped away too much oif the photo. I am tring to keep most of the content.
  4. Well you have to decide of you want it exactly 8x10 or if you want those proportions. You can't have both.
  5. Right now, the proportions of the image are 8x12. There's no way to turn than into 8x10 without either distorting, cropping, or both.

    The best option is to just leave it at 8x12, and find a frame (or whatever) to fit. The second best is probably to combine some distortion with some cropping -- narrow the picture as much as possible without distorting being too obvious, then crop the rest of the way to 8x10.

    I've attached a version that I'd say is halfway reasonable -- it's somewhat distorted, but not so much that it jumps out as looking obviously "wrong". It's also cropped a bit, but most of what's been lost is the carpet and such next to her head. It's definitely not perfect, but there is no perfect way to do what you've asked...
  6. The crop tool in photoshop, you can enter the dimensions and then move the selection around until you are happy. Select the crop tool, enter the dimensions (but IMO don't set a resolution), then click on one corner of the image and drag to an opposite corner. The selection can be resized and moved to what you want, then once you are happy commit to the crop by clicking on the check mark.

    Don't worry about the 'print dimensions' or 'resolution' until you are ready to print, just think in terms of pixels and keep them all (or as many as you can) until you really need to change.
    If printing it yourself most current printers are great and you just send all the pixels you have. If you are using a service you may need to resample down to their max input resolution, a lot of times it is 300 ppi. If you are using a pro service, send them all your pixels.

    If you do need to resample, you can do it with the crop tool or with the image size. But, hopefully you will not have to do that.
  7. ".... constraining porporations & the photgraph to look the same."
    Can't be done. You can't take a photo with a 3:2 aspect ratio (the above image) and output it to a 5:4 ratio and keep both of the above. Simple math ... 1+1 always equals 2. :)
    Why not print to 8x12 (also 3:2), then you won't lose anything. If you print 8x10 constraining proportions you are going to lose quite a bit from both ends, specifically ...
  8. The only other alternative is to use the new Content Aware Scaling in CS4 assuming the image content can accept such an edit. But the easiest alternative is to crop.
  9. Lots of good suggestions. Regarding "I need to make this an 8x10", is that do-or-die? Your image ratio being 2/3, one or both ends will have to be lopped off to accomplish 8/10. There are 2/3 ratio frames, fwiw.
  10. Well, by the time I messed around some other people beat me to it, but dag-swarn it anyway, here's my illustration.
    The first two are resizing the image vertically and horizontally without constraints--this will not do since it will squeeze or otherwise distort the phiz in question.
    The middle image is the way to get all of the image in the picture, You resize the width to 10 inches and print it with white space on one side or the other or both (shown in grey).
    The bottom one shows what happens when you set the height for 8 inches and crop the sides of the image off.
  11. Thank you for all your suggestions. As said I will have to sacrifice. I like Jerry's cropping . This is for a client and the photo is as I shot it. Most of my clients will order a small print of this sort, but she surprised me. I like the photo the way it is(content ). I think it looks a little weird cropped. I will play around some more & try some suggestions. I figured there was no other way to 8x10 this, but thought I would ask someone with more photoshop experience.
  12. I have been having this same problem as well. But my question is, how do I keep this from happening in the first place? I mean in camera. Do I have to leave more room in the photo or is this something that will never be fixed. How can I consistently get good 8x10s out of my camera?
  13. Couldn't you leave a black strip of color and leave the photo as it is? Just scale it down a little...

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