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  1. I got it for $8 on the very well known auction site . Can't go wrong for that money and sure I knew will have fun taking it apart . Letharette was in bad shape and it had such funky smell that I had to do something about it . Suede leather was the answer . Took it apart and cleaning it thoroughly brought a such nice shelf piece . Well I had to try at least one roll . Didn't expect much . Set to infinity (actually even past infinity mark , thus vignetting in the corners ) took random shots .
    Both lenses are E.Ludwig Meritar 75mm 3.5 . Viewing mirror was rusted and I replaced it with simple regular mirror. Here are some pictures , taken with fujifilm neopan acros 100.
  2. Love it!
    Kent in SD
  3. Great! Marvelous reconstruction, and the Meritar turns in a pretty good image. Congratulations on a job very well done.
  4. Purple! I want one! Well, I do have this old beat up Canon FT QL and plenty of black velvet and paint (there's a great combination), so it's doable. Pink might be nice too (w/ purple polka dots?) LOL, I can just imagine what the folks over at RFF would think of a purple Leica!
    The shots are really good. I've used regular mirror glass from women's makeup compacts before, and they work fine if you adjust the focus to account for the fact that they're back silvered.
  5. Sort of the Prince and the Pauper.
    What's a little proletarian TLR doing in royal purple?
    Well, I've gussied up a beggar myself on occasion. ;) My Meritars never seemed so sharp as your shots show.
    Maybe the photographer has something to do with it. ;)
  6. Thank you guys , I am glad you like it .
  7. Nice images. And a skillful and creative restoration. In my town someone is selling a slightly used Dodge Challenger that is almost the same shade of purple as your camera. While it doesn't do much for me as a car color, it looks great on a camera. Thanks for sharing.
    BTW, you can find front surfaced mirrors at Surplus Shed in Pennsylvania. Might have to cut it to size, though.
  8. m42dave

    m42dave Dave E.

    The mirrors from old reflex Polaroids can be useful too. Nice restoration and results.
  9. Thanks on the advice for the mirrors Mike and Dave , I'll keep that in mind . Every now and then , I do get old camera that needs somewhat of repairs . Thank you JDM !
  10. Excellent.. That suede letherette is so cool!! What a great performance too. ! Did you adjust both lenses for infinity and
    then hope for the best? They are not in tandem right? You set the focus by guestimate and the viewer is just fixed?
  11. Focusing is actually done with the lever which is set to infinity in the picture above . Adjusting the taking lens will move the viewing lens . But here is more

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