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  1. Hi folks,
    I have redesigned my website. All comments and critiques are welcome.
  2. Peter,
    My first complaint is anytime I hit the back button after viewing an image I get a "confirm form resubmission". Very very annoying.
    You also probably want to trim down how many images you have. I don't need 7 bear photos in a row that are almost the same. Why not just have the one that is best? Even for selling stock, it may just be too much and may make your customers less likely to buy something.
    Your header image looks scrunched.
    No about page? Or is there another "portfolio" site that you have?
  3. Hi Zach,
    thank you for your comment. Which Browser are you using? I do not have the problem with the browser back button on Firefox.
    I thought I did exactly that what you recommended, trimmed down the offer. I have to go through again.
    The header is indeed a little scrunched, I have to rework that.
    On this page there is indeed no >about< page. You find that at this time on my other HP
    Both pages are linked. Click >Peter Weimann Fine Art Prints< on the Link page.
    Thank you again. That was very helpful.
  4. Google Chrome. Guess I should have mentioned that. The issue went away after I clicked resubmit form.....guess it is a Chrome thing more than anything else. You built your site off a canned program, so really it's the guys who built that who are at fault on that one.
    Now that I realize there is another website, it all makes a bit more sense. What is your strategy for this site and how customers get to it?
    And two pet peeve's on your fine art site. One, quit popping it up in new tabs when I click on any of the galleries. I really hate having to jump from tab to tab. And two, when you do go to a gallery, it drops out of the look and feel. Very bad from a web/branding standpoint.
    Oh, just to give you an idea of my credentials, I maintain this site: and a few other sites for the company. I am a full time web developer (with a degree in photography, go figure). The BOYNE site is a few years old so we need to do some, umm....updating to it sooner rather than later.
    PS, I feel weird and maybe awestruck talking to someone who is actually in NatGeo and OP...
  5. Alright, I need to take a bit back on the tabs thing. I see now that you link to a third party for the shopping experience. There is a whole host of things I would do differently to increase your usability though.
  6. The new tab popping is caused by linking the galleries to my fine art print provider. I have to learn more about style sheets to change the different look of all those websites. If you have any idea how to solve that I would be happy. A one do it all website would be great, but I cannot do that myself. I am better in photography than in computerwork. I really appreciate your comments and really like the >boyne< site. Looks very professional to my eyes.
    BTW: The link to your website in your profile is broken.
  7. ROFL, yeah, I am pulling a big no no in marketing sense and completely killed my old site. I am rebuilding it with a blog and all that, rebranding myself, then relaunching. I should put up at least a placeholder though....
    Well, one thing you can do is on all the link (a) tags, but a named target in there. So it would look like < a href="shoppingLink" target="shoppingSite">. Just make sure whatever you put in place of shoppingSite inside of target is the same on all links going there. That will keep them all popping up in the same tab. Make sense?
  8. I will try the >detabbing< of my Links. Maybe I have the time for that on next weekend.
    I am not too good in self marketing, but the market situation has become really bad for people working with established agencies only. So I have to do something.
  9. Hi,
    A few comments;
    1) please remove the hyphens from the header. One Stop Photo Shop.
    2) This is the place to order my pics either for editorial, commercial or private usage. You can select from several file sizes from small for Internet use to big for full page print. For double pages or calendars please contact me. An easy pricing and download system will fill your needs. If any questions remain, please feel free to contact me.
    a. I think you need to say who you are, just briefly, then make an About page. 'My pics'...who are you? I've been a photographer for...for X years...something something.
    [hard to say without seeing it exactly, but some here, and more on a seperate page]
    b. [correcting your english, again, just roughly]: You can order photos for private, editorial or commercial use.
    File sizes range from small, for day to day internet use, to full page print.
    For more details about ordering and pricing, go here [link].
    3) There should be maybe...3 photos at the bottom. What you have there is overkill.
    4) It's not good that part of the site is in English, part in German. Either English all the way, or both languages for each page.
    That's a few ideas to start with...
  10. Thank you all for your recommendations. Some of them I have now followed and reworked the shop.
  11. It seems awfuly buzy to me, from the home page. There is no clear direction on where to go for what. Images are good, I would clean up the content, reorganize it.

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