[Recommendations sought] Processing in Germany: development & scans only

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by anton_kratz, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. I have about 20 rolls of b/w film, 5 rolls of positive color film (dia film) and 10 rolls of color negative film that I would like to get developed and scanned in high resolution and on CD. By "high resolution" I mean about 4346 x 3035 or higher, in that range. Jpeg OK.
    All 35mm film, different speeds from iso 100 - 3200.
    I am in Germany right now, want to send them to processing here before I fly back home. A friend will receive the negs & CDs and bring them to me later.
    Is there any lab that you can recommend? I.e. good results but not too expensive. It is perfectly OK if I need to send the rolls to the lab myself by post.
    I am in Muenster, Germany, and tried a shop with 1 hour development, and was very dissappointed with the results. No comparison to the excellent 1 hour development I get in Japan from 55 Photo or Kitamura Camera on Fuji Frontier machines, not to speak of the very excellent results I get at the Fuji Lab via Yodobashi Camera. I also asked here in Muenster, Germany, at a drugstore... they donโ€™t even do negatives & scan only, only in combo with prints! So I thought, maybe there is a lab here in Germany where I can send the rolls myselfs?
    Personal recommendations of currently active labs would be great! (It needs to be a lab with prices within reason, though). I don't mind if the processing takes some time. Thanks.

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