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  1. OK I've really only been shooting cars and motorcycles this summer, and sometimes I feel like I"m bombarding you all with endless shots of the same stuff! So I tend to hesitate to post pix too often here, at least pix of cars and bikes over and over again..

    BUT this recent roll of color film has a few shots the came out really well in terms of color, and well...just everything. That is to say that I like them a LOT. It was as tho the stars aligned and I got a handful of really beautiful photos. These were shot on Fuji Industrial 100 color film. Tho I've shot a fair number of rolls of this particular film stock, never before have I seen this level of vivd, dramatic color out of it. Shot on my Voigtlander R3m using a native f3.5 Heliar 50mm lens, these photos, to me, seem to represent the best possible result from each of three elements: camera, lens, & film.

    I've posted this series, because I've learned from posting photos here that my style of shooting seems better received when things are more in context. I guess I tend to sort of document things and places, and often I've been told that one photo isn't enough to gain a sense of what I was going for. After posting plenty of shots here, I'm learning about my photography, from all of you- that is to say that I HOPE I am, anyway- so thanks very much for that!

    I love each of these for various reasons. Mostly they're "just" photos of motorcycles tho the final shot has a human in it, however far removed he seems from the primary subject. I think he adds an element of interest none the less.

    These are scans I got from the photo lab I've been using. I auto-enhanced light, color, levels, and curves iusing native Mac photo software.

    I welcome your opinions, comments and critique.



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  2. Like these. Great colors. #2 is the best.
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