RB67: A few cemetary images (halloween getting closer)

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  1. A few images I shot today for a series Im working on. shot in the oldest cemetary in town, rb67 with a 127C lens attached to a 45mm extension tube, arista edul ultra 400
  2. I love these detail shots, the shallow DOF gives them a sort of intimacy. Do you know the story behind the boot? Seems an odd thing to put on a grave.
  3. Waouw, I like these pics! Beautifull b-w!!!
  4. WOW! That's all I can say. Two of my favorites . RB67, and a cemetary. Does it get any better?
  5. Nicely crisp and contrasty images, John. Did you use a filter on the lens or in development?
  6. What a refreshing way to photograph a cemetary! Great photos! Now I'm going to have to go out and try this...thanks for the inspiration.
  7. thanks for the nice comments, tony i have no clue about the boots (there are two of them, one is laying on its side) they are on top of a child's grave, i have often wondered the meaning of them. Yes RB's and cemtaries seem to go together (plus black and white film), im having alot of fun with the extension tubes. captain, i didnt use any filters, i dev. for 12.5 min in good ole d76 1:1, film i used was arista edu ultra 400, i like to use a faster film when shooting the RB, makes handholding much easier. thanks again.​
  8. why did it go into a gray box like that. oh well : ), thanks william and post your results when you get them. Im shooting some more today I hope.
  9. It went into the gray box because you'd clicked on the quotation marks before you typed.
  10. Nice shots!
    And you found my headstone ;)
    I'm going out to Mt Jerome cemetary soon. Apparently it's the oldest (or most decrepit) cemetary in Dublin and you have to be careful not to fall into a crypt!
  11. Very interesting post with great tones suiting the subject, thanks for posting John.​
  12. [​IMG]I've spent the last three years doing cemetery photography using Rolleiflex's.
    Here's a preview: http://markcolman.com/books/hiddenwithin/[​IMG]

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