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Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by stevemarcus, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. Some of the photos in my portfolio haven't received ratings in months,
    yet in the ratings breakdown field, many, if not all of the rated
    photos in my portfolio display a message like this one below the
    ratings table:

    "Finally, of the ratings listed, 4 are from new members. As a measure
    against abuse, ratings from very recently registered members are not
    counted in the overall averages and totals until the moderators have
    had an opportunity to review them."

    Why would this message be tagged to a photo that hasn't been rated in
    several months? I suppose that "recent" is a relative term, but I'm
    curious as to how long one must be a member of PN to not be considered
    a "very recently registered member".

    Thanks in advance for all responses.

  2. I also have one with such a statement that, best I can tell, hasn't been rated since 2004.
  3. The statement isn't quite accurate. There are several reasons why there could be a discrepancy between the number of ratings listed in the breakdown and the totals that are reported for the photo. The reason given is the most common reason, but other ratings listed in the breakdown could have been disqualified for various reasons. The totals and averages will not match the ratings in the listing exactly.
  4. Thanks for the explanation, Brian.

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