Ratings being received on photo submitted for Critique Only

Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by stevemarcus, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. I submitted a Critique Only request for this photo yesterday:
    This evening, I noticed that the photo had received five ratings, all of which were inserted today sometime after 5 PM EST. Thus, it appears that there is a bug (or loophole?) in the Critique Forum software.
  2. BTW, the ratings only show up in the "Details" display of the FOLDER that contains the photo.
  3. Steve:

    Same thing has happened to me. See this thread:

  4. Thanks for responding, Patricia. The "race condition" that Brian described does not explain the ratings received by my photo. I'm curious to know whether the photo is being rated via one of the Critique Forums, in which case there's a flaw in the programming for Critique Only requests, or if there's a loophole in the programming that provides a back door, so to speak, for ill-intentioned individuals to inappropriately insert ratings on Critique Only requests.
  5. I can see that this problem is not a high priority for the site maintainers, and understandably so. I plan to delete the above-mentioned photo later today. However, it does seem to me that some insight into how photos submitted for Critique Only are being rated might be gained by examining the accounts of the raters. Of course, the site managers have probably already thought of this.

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