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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by paul hart, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. I very occasionally use a flash (SF-24D). The flash manual doesn't cover the M8. Here's the question:

    Camera set to A; flash set to TTL/GNC. Using a 6-bit coded lens.

    When 'lens detection' is set to 'on', the camera defaults to 1/24 sec. When 'lens detection' is turned off, it
    defaults to 1/250.

    Does anyone know why this should be?

  2. They are just reminding you to choose your own shutter speed according to the ambient conditions, something like 1/250 for daylight fill flash, or 1/24 indoors if you got very steady hands or have some better means of support.

    Use aperture-priority with flash on a Leica and you're just asking for trouble.
  3. Fred: thanks, I follow that; but why should turning lens detection on/off make the difference?
    I can't find anything about that in the manual for either the M8 or the flash.
  4. Hi Paul

    In the menu there is a setting that let you set the "Auto slow sunc" - you have probably set
    this to "Lens dependent" - so when you set the "Lens dectection" to ON the slow sync
    changes - You can either set the Slow sync to:

    OFF = 1/250

    Down to 1/30

    Down to 1/8

    Down to 32 sec

    Or use manual setting

    Actualy pretty neat!

  5. Kaj: many thanks - hadn't spotted that feature, and yes, it is neat!
  6. Hey,paul how do you like the M8,I know that the M8 and D5 Canon are diferent since one is reflex and the other one is not.
    But how do you like the M8,is it worht the $5000.00 Dlls plus tax and lens or should I way 'till they upgrade it?
  7. Bernard: it suits me fine, more my style than the excellent 5D I sold - but don't tell anyone
    else round here...
  8. You're the third person besides Erwin Putt and Guy mancuso that I know who got rid of their 5D. I sold my Canon DSLR while back after several attempts to use my Leica SLR lenses with Canon DSLRs with various adapters, etc..

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