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  1. Which eludes the 'cloners' for less than 5 minutes and then all batts made by them are acceptable to all Nikon camera bodies,,,
    at a considerable saving.

    If Nikon official batts were maybe 1/2 list price, they'd sell many more and make more £££s, but I guess their accountants think differently.
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  2. Their accountants think!?
    Corporately, Nikon still believes its brand name carries almost the same prestige as Leica, and that the majority of its customers are willing to pay through the nose just to get the Nikon name on petty accessories costing pennies to make.

    Time they woke up to the fact that they're just another manufacturer in a crowded, competitive and dwindling market.

    Same as Epson has had to stop charging Chanel #5 prices for its ink, and move to 'Ecotank' printers.
  3. My only non Nikon batteries for both D3200 and D7100 have been Watson and Promaster. The Watson held up pretty well but the original 2014 one for the D7100 has short life, and the contemporaneous one for the D3200 has swelled. Another of the same, gotten later, is fine. The Promaster was poor from the start. So far, Nikon is winning by a pretty long shot. The 2014 original batteries from both cameras still work pretty well, if not 100 percent, and a later Nikon EN-EL15a has held up well for four years or more.

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