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  1. Anyone have experience carrying a Quantum Turbo or similar external battery onboard a plane in carryon luggage? I'm wondering if there are any regualtions about carrying a battery of that type or just TSA concern about what it might be.
  2. I just came back from a US / Canada multi-stop trip carrying a fairly large camera backpack with two bodies, three lenses, a flash, and multiple batteries & chargers. They didn't even take a second look at the bag or contents. I hand-carried my tripod and it also was not a problem. From what I can see of the battery you mention I wouldn't be concerned about carrying it as part of a kit on board.
  3. It may also be the specific airport. I carried my turbo in a carry on, from Newark to Chicago. I didn't have a problem per se, but they delayed me while they got a supervisor to OK. Almost missed the flight(my fault for running late). Be prepared for some extra discussion time which, frankly, seems reasonable.
  4. "google is your friend"

    I have to chuckle. That' the exact thing I want to say to about half the quetions on photo.net. You are absolutely right. :)

    I had seen he TSA piece. But it seems written mostly in the context of people carrying some AA's or maybe a proprietary battery for their camera or laptop -- all things that look like a battery and will be recognized as such by TSA. My concern with a Turbo is that to a non-photographer it looks like a mysterious big box that doesn't open up that has all these little indicators lights on it. Couple that with a bunch of wires and maybe things like PocketWizards (which are built to "set something off" from a distance) and I wouldn't blame an inspector for at least stopping to take a look.
  5. No problems when I've travelled with Quantum and similar size/type batteries in my carry-on.
  6. Craig - yes, good point about the controls and wires bits and pieces - I have had agents ask questions about stuff but have never had a serious conversation about their portability onto an airplance. Sharp, pointy things are much more their concern, I think. And I've come to heavily subscribe to Louis' observation above about giving oneself enough time to go through the process. My time is too valuable to spend sweating while running through an airport. I like to saunter about with a coffee-in-hand, personally.
  7. From experience - If questioned, do not refer to your lighting equipment as a "flash gun". LMAO The TSA's agent's eyes lit up without having to fire the equipment. Some quick further explanaition resolved the concern withut undo delay. I will never do that again!

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