Putting in a plug for Leica Dealer- Tony Rose

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by chris c, Nov 23, 2002.

  1. I know many on the forum are already aware of a few of the better
    Grey Leica dealers. <P>Many are located in Hong Kong and offer
    excellent service to go along with great prices. <P> I wanted to
    suggest those who may be in the market for Grey market Leica try Tony
    Rose @ Popflash Photo. He is located in California so getting stuff
    is fast and he has prices in line with the best Hong Kong dealers.<P>
    The best part is that you can call him and he has opinions based on
    real world experience and not always leading you to the most
    expensive choices. <P> I have spent several thousand $$$ with him and
    he has been as responsive on a $50 filter as he is with a $2000 body.
    <P> for those interested he lists @ E-Bay under "Meleica" and has had
    a few of the more hard to find Leica items (1.25 multi). <P> His shop
    number is 805-492-6548 e-mail: leicashop@hotmail.com <P> Sorry if
    this is out of place at this forum but this is where I go if I want
    to know something so....
  2. jfm


    I second this motion. I have dealt with Tony often. A great guy, and opinions are always based upon experience, not making money.
  3. As I've mentioned many times here, Tony Rose in Los Angeles is a great guy and sells Hasselblad and Leica at rock bottom Hong Kong prices; and for me, he's local (no shipping charges)! :^)

  4. I too have gotten exceptional prices and service from Tony on Leica and Hasselblad items.
  5. Here's one more positive review for Tony. Great service, low prices.
  6. I got my 503CW from Tony. I agree he's A+ to deal with.
  7. One more positive comment. I ordered a 1.25 magnifier from him. Excellent service.
  8. One more! Got my M7 and was well treated!
  9. And one more kind word for Tony.

    My dealings Tony could not have been better.
  10. And, one more, I got a 1.25x for $177, fast shipment, great
  11. He is fine. I spent $1500 on him. I went to pick up the item myself in the expensive neighborhood.
  12. I'll also put in a good word for Tony. I spent over $4000 with him and everything has gone as it should. He is responsive, knowledgable, fair, and will let you know his opinion of equipment--I appreciated that too. I think Tony is someone you should talk to about camera equipment.


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