Pushing film in Unicolor C41 Chemistry

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  1. I can't seem to find any information to push color film, maybe 1-2 stops using the C41 Unicolor kit. I know that pushing color film isn't recommended but it's still something that I do occasionally. Anyone know what the times would be? also, I develop at the suggested temperature at 102 degrees. Thank you!
  2. As I indicated in a recent thread (LINK), pushing or pulling in color negative developing is not so much "not recommended" but rather more "not necessary" since adjustments in printing can 'correct' the print-- usually withing a broad latitude of 2 or more under- and over-exposure.

    Chromogenic [LINK} films are very flexible, especially Ilford's wonderful XP-2 chromogenic b&w film
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    I understand that many labs "push" by developing the film normally and then just giving extra print exposure.
  4. Ilford XP2 Super is fine with standard processing from 50 to 800. At 1600 and 3200, it benefits from a one stop push. I can't remember if a one stop push is an additional 15 seconds or 30 seconds.
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  5. Ah, that’s exactly what I wanted to know. Developing is standard 3:30 minutes. So, I’m assuming each stop- just add 30 seconds?
  6. As posted in that exact that- I was trying to figure out the developments times for pushing cinestill to 1600/3200. I’m going to Vegas next week for work and wanted to shoot some on the strip at night.
  7. I checked my notes. Standard C41 kit is 3:30. The Fuji Hunt was 3:15. Extra 30 seconds per stop.
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  8. And this is for unicolor kit, correct? Does that even matter?
  9. I don't think it matters. The timing is from my lab.

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