Push processing C41 at home

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  1. Hi,
    I searched all around internet but I found no information on how to push process C41 film at home...
    All I could find are incredible technical discussion on how will change the image but nothing about how to do it.
    I don't wanna take my pictures to the lab and I feel like experimenting, so, how to push process C41 film?!
    Most of them, in my case, are Portra 160 VC/NC, I don't know if these kind of film are suitable for push processing or not but I got them underexposed (intentionally) and now I would like to try to push process them.
    My chemicals are the ones from the Ornano C41 developing kit (the only one I could find here).
    Is there any table I could look at for the delevoping time (just as BW film)?!
    Thank you very much in advance!
  2. In the instructions I received with the Arista (at Freestyle) it says:
    When Exposure Change Is: 2 stops under/ASA Speed: 4X Normal, Increase Development Time:1.75x
    When Exposure Change Is: 1 stop under/ASA Speed: 2x Normal, Increase Development Time: 1.30x
    Here is a pdf of the processing instructions I found:
  3. Thank you!
    and that is for all chemicals?!
  4. According to Kodak document Z131, normal C-41 dev time is 3:15, 1 stop push is 3:45, 2 stop push is 4:15.
  5. NO the extended times are only for developer.
  6. For C-41 film it is better to pull process. In other words, overexpose and underdevelop. The film responds better to that than underexposure.

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