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  1. Can someone please give me ideas on what to look for in a good quality photo printing printer. I don't just want a little Kodak printer, but then again, I am not a professional photographer either so I don't want to spend thousands of dollars on one either. I shoot with a Canon 400D, some model portfolio shoots, some portraits, and just family get togethers. I would however like to start printing my own prints instead of paying someone else to do it.
    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks all,
  2. if you want amazing color print... a epson 1400 is what you want. But for BW photo it is not good as the more expensive epson printer.
    Just be aware that it cost some money to print with any inkjet printer.. around 2$ per 8x10. Many people are starting to have there print made with Mpix online... you dont have to maintain a printer and buy ink.. but you dont have your print in the next 5min... i like to have my print in the next 5min personnaly ; )
  3. If you don't print regularly, then printing your own can be expensive because the inks do not always take to 'just sitting' for long periods. If you do print regularly, the ink costs are a major factor anyhow.
    They used to give away safety razors so you would buy their brand of blades. These days, it seems they give away the printers .....
    Sometimes it costs as much for a refill of the inks as you paid for the printer in the first place. You could always buy a new printer each time, but they've figured that out and some of the printer's initial ink sets seem to be made 'short' to prevent that. ;)
  4. I agree with both Patrick and JDM. I use Mpix for quantity and portrait work and my Epson 1400 for the occasional (color) artsy stuff, and I couldn't be happier. Don't be afraid of the refurb 1400 at the Epson Clearance Center for $180US, or buy it new for $220.
  5. And I agree also. I regularly display prints in galleries and do much of my own printing; the printer itself is not the expensive part, it's the ink. I happen to use an HP printer, but Canon and Epson, as mentioned above, make good ones also.
    I also agree that unless you print on a regular basis, as I do, it's probably better to have someone like MPix do the work for you. When I have a show scheduled, I can - and do - spend more money on ink than the printer itself cost. I do work in color, and color ink goes fast, no matter what brand you use.
  6. For small quantities of prints up to 8x10 at home I've been very happy with an HP Photosmart printer. Price range is usually $100-$200. A lot of prints or enlargements over 8x10, I go with Mpix.
  7. Thanks for the help everyone. I think for now, I may be better off just sticking with Mpix. Thanks again, I appreciate all the helpful responses.....

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