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  1. Hi,
    the site improved a lot since 1999 when I joined, obviously, I especially like the way of uploading pictures (please don't switch back, as facebook did!), and of reordering images and folders, which are goog GUI, in my humble opinion.
    However, I see that the option for presentations does not improve.
    I would like to see that you are able to select photos for presentations by chosing first the folder, than the photo - what I see as choice offer is a mix of all folders, not even in their succession, where you have to seach using the first letter of the folder and so on. Also, reordering in presentations doesn't work so well.
    I think that presentations are useful if you want to assign a photo to different topics - for example to travel to one country and to a topic like "panoramic views" or "sunsets" or "ruins", or to a certain date when you visited more locations.
    I kind of try to work around by doing different folders selecting from the bigger ones, but this doesn't work for the double assignment.
    thank you

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