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  1. Strangers in the night, exchanging glances...
    Pentax K20D, Pentax FA 50mm, F/2, 1/400 sec., ISO 800, hand held, after 10:00pm on a dark street.
  2. A shot taken last Sunday when the moonrise and sunset were very close together.
  3. Nice start Steve..
    John, that's a pretty capture. The full moon was pretty awesome last Sunday.
    Three from me this week.. Couple in b/w
    #1 The trifecta
  4. #2 A father's pride
  5. Two random pictures taken at the Botanical Garden several months back with the Tamron SP Adaptall-2 35-80mm f/2.8-3.8 01A zoom and K100D Super.

    Not Good With Taxonomy #1 (f/4.5, 1/60sec, ISO 200)

    Not Good With Taxonomy #2 (Wide open, 1/180sec, ISO 200)
  6. I have been doing a bit of macro or Close-up work of late which has really pulled me out of a slump I was in. I have a few up in another thread (From a Different Perspective )so will only Post one here.
    Circut Board - Hand held ISO:400 35mm 1/100 sec @ F/22 With Bounced Flash and 25mm Extention Tube.
  7. One highlight of a soggy, stormy week was Frank Baiamonte's brief visit. We met on Friday afternoon, ate gyros and babaganoush for lunch at my favorite middle east joint Zania, and then walked around the Pioneer Square and the waterfront shooting on the street and chatting.
    Evidence of Frank in Seattle
    K20D, 35mm Ltd Macro, 1/125 @ f 4.5, ISO 400
    Western Avenue
    K20D, 35mm Ltd Macro, 1/180 @ f 6.7, ISO 400
    Parking Lot Pioneer Square (taken a few days prior)
    K20D, 21mm Ltd., f 6.7@ 1/30, ISO 800
  8. Like the seagull Haig, and Michael that last one really appeals to me - I'm not sure why, but I think it's the great focus on the person and the subtle blurring of the background. Chune-Hoong the simple colours of the first image draws me in also.
    I have two to add to - the first one I am amazed actually turned out. I was bouncing, the young people were bouncing, and the castle was bouncing, and yet the image has some focus to it - more than what I thought I would get.
  9. The second one . . .
  10. Looks good so far! John, did you use a ND filter? I am impressed with the tonal range. And Michael, I agree with Denise that the last shot is quite striking, something about the slight blur, the faded colors - great!
    I have been enjoying two new lenses as a "nature walk' kit - the DA 35 and the FA-J 75-300. It is the end of fall here, winter is coming.
  11. That was the 35, here's one with the zoom. Not a bad lens, despite the "FA-Junk" reputation.
  12. And one more 'cause I am feeling prolific.
  13. Nice stuff so far. I need to get some sleep before Monday rears it's butt-ugly head again!!
    But first, 2 shots from the area I now live in. Both K20D, the first is the Pentax A 100mm macro f2.8, Scarecrow in rice paddy:
    Second is with the Tamron 17-50mm f2.8. Graffitti - We need more trees!!!
  14. Steve, LOL at Strangers in the night!!!! :-D
    Haig, #3 is my #1.
    Michael E, Western A venue is frickn great! Love the tones and light.
    Garry, I agree: more trees, less photographers!!!! No, wait... :)
  15. Please forgive me, for I used not a Pentax camera for this shot.
  16. My favorites so far in no particular order , Haig's seagull and art gallery thinker, Steve's coke and pepsi, Michael E. parking lot, Chune's leaf, Nick's wind and leaves, Garry's Tree graffiti. Nick I just used a polarizer no ND.
  17. I can never get enough autumn shots. All are wonderful. The season seems to have slipped me by once again. Damn! Michael's parking lot is really nice also. Here are two from yesterday, all taken with my new K20D. Oh no, not another rowing shot. What can i say, I've been into it lately.
  18. And one from center city Phila.
  19. [​IMG]K10d/Voigtlander 58mm. Just pinky...not much of autumn in Florida...
  20. Haig, what =is= that thing behind the man? A mutant harpsichord with an eagles' nest?
    Nick, I really like "Morning Shadows"--very nice use of colors and lines.
    Mis, very nicely done use of color and shadows.
    Bob, the mist on the water and the rendering make the rower shot very appealing.
    My contributions this week come from a business trip to Miami. I had a total of an hour of shooting time over three days. The first is from the balcony of my hotel room with the 10-17 fisheye:
  21. The second is the lifeguard hut the next morning.
  22. I didn't do much this week. The one shot I offer was; as I was driving down the road, I noticed a really awesome view of sun rays coming from behind a cloud, by the time I pulled over and got the camera out of the bag, the clouds shifted and ended up with this nice shot.
  23. Ok, bringing some balance with some street shots from this past week.
    K20D with my new to me Vivitar 24F/2.8
  24. experimenting with PP..I am after a vintage newspaper look...If it stinks or I got carried away with the grain, let me know. Thanks you!

  25. Haig Tchamitch No. 3: interesting composition. Mine dates from mid-October. It shows a socialist-era textile factory in northeast Romania.
  26. Picture failed to post. Trying again.
  27. Hey all! Haven't posted in a while... school sucks ;) Anyway, I got asked to shoot a John Mark McMillan concert the other night, and had a blast. It was nice to be reminded how awesome the K10D is at ISO1000.
  28. Thank you all for the comments :)
    For Rick..'The mutant harpsichord'
  29. I liked Chune's taxonomically challenged #1, Michael's parking lot, and Nick's The wind.. that's a real nice capture.. can almost see and feel the wind going through the leaves. Mis that shot of yours is certainly very autumnal (nice one). And Robert the rowing shot has a nice feel to it. Javier those look pretty good..
  30. I have a couple more wildlife photos from northern Nevada, in the Santa Rosa Mountains north of Winnemucca. I hope that you enjoy them.
  31. One more!
  32. I'm afraid I've been distracted by my father5's 95th birthday and haven't been able to keep up with the POW postings. I decided to shoot with the FA 31mm ltd today. Here's dad.
  33. Here's a shot from the restaurant where we had brunch. The sunlight was doing really interesting things there this morning. I haven't decided what to do in terms of pp with this one of Clara (& me)--this is pretty much (converted and resized) as shot.
  34. Ben Pajuczok , Love the circuit board!
    Denise Savage , Love the barb wire capture, what sweet bokeh!
    Dave Hollander , Love the portrait of your pops!..95 years of age, Wow, I could only imagine that :)
    Haig Tchamitch , If not for the chopped feet, that would be one of your best ever in my book. What a fantastic image!
    Great job all!
  35. Thanks Javier, I was of two minds on the crop. Here's more of the original shot.
  36. Haig, That is brilliant. I love that he is a well dressed man wearing vans that are tore up and beat down no less..I got to ask, Why crop them out?
  37. Very nice stuff everyone. Dave very sweet, special shot of your Pop. I have a couple of "creature" shots this week. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  38. Haig- I, too, like the full length version of the man in black, his feet tell me more of the story than your first version.
    Nice looking shots all around today. Something really draws me in on the shot of Dave's father. I think it's because I'm watching my own parents turn very elderly, very quickly, before my own eyes. And life marches on...
    And thanks for the kind thoughts on my soda machines. That was likely my first "artsy" shot ever.
  39. Thanks Javier and Steve.. I cropped them out mostly because I was trying to frame the shot without that corner in front.. but you are probably right, it does look better in this version (which was my original crop).
    Bob..nice ones.. almost as good as your fish :)
    And Dave.. that's a really nice shot of your Dad.. you look quite a bit like him :)
  40. Dave, really nice shot of your father. He looks like he is still sharp as a tack.
    Nice macros, Bob.
    John, that first shot of the sheep is very impressive, nice work.
    Haig, I agree with Javier, the full view is best.
  41. I have had some great clear nights here in Alberta so I thought of put the K 7 to the test on some moon shots[​IMG]
  42. Been out of the habit of posting on the POTW for a few months and miss it. Guess it is time to jump back in.

    I'll start with my favorites this week so far. I really like Haig's first and last photos. Nick's morning shadow is nice. And Dave's dad looks like he is still full of piss and vinegar.

    I've been playing with HDR quite a bit lately when doing digital. It is really is easy to crank things up too much. Hope these are not great examples of that.

    I've also been doing some film and the last photo is Velvia 100 with a Super Program. Scanning is quite the challenge but I really love playing with film.

    This first shot was done this evening at Smith Rocks here in Central Oregon. It is a world class climbing area and really interesting rock formation.
  43. This is a local forest that burned a few years ago. Makes for some dramatic images.
  44. Scaffolding from a local school under construction made a nice pattern to work into a dramatic sunset. I really like the results from Velvia 100 when it is nearly dark.
  45. I have 3 this week first time I have done this I believe, so here they are. First is of my great nieces in front of a waterfall 2nd is 2 pics ofa girl that is modeling for me now so I can keep practicing God lover her. Hope you enjoy
  46. jessica 1
  47. try again
  48. jessica 2
  49. Well, the Prince of Drool is 4 months old today (hey, it's still pre-midnight over here!), so we pulled the black out and got some pics. Where has the time gone? I'm still wrapped up with trying to soak up every minute w/ our last baby and I need to get off my rear & pull the camera out a lot more.
  50. So of course the girls have to get infront of the camera, and for once, the 4yr old actually let us see her face! (photo not shown here or I'll get stoned for just bragging on my kids). We obviously need to go over what we mean by saying "kiss and hold" with the sisters.... they took it to mean "kiss quickly & hug tight". Whoops.
  51. I've been wondering when we were going to see some shots of the little guy. A beautiful bunch, Maria. Congrats!
  52. Thanks, Robert! It's embarrassing, but 99% of the pics I take of him are w/ my phone. I'll be hiding over in the corner now.
  53. I'm with you Maria - I don't always have the camera handy - but I do have the phone! The kids do provide such good photographic subject matter - especially when there is cuteness or mess involved.
  54. Photographed the SEAC Armwrestling event in Charlotte, NC. This is multiple times US National Champion Mike Selearis of Connecticut(left) vs Dave Chaffee of Pennsylvania. Selearis gave up 70 pounds of bodyweight to Chaffee in this matchup and came away victorious.
    From Armwrestling 2009 SEAC
    K20d, 40mm/2.8 LTD f/5.6 @ 1/60, iso 400 with flash
  55. Maria, that image with your two girls kissing baby brother is awesome...I remember those days. Now if Daniels older sisters try and kiss him, he will basically punch them. lol
  56. Dave: Best wishes to your Dad. I possess a 98 year old mother doing well also.
    Mis: If in my life I could take one picture like that I would enter Valhalla.
  57. Dave: Best wishes to your Dad. I possess a 98 year old mother doing well also.
    Mis: If in my life I could take one picture like that I would enter Valhalla.
  58. Thanks all for the comments on that shot of my father holding forth on the issues of the day. I'm particularly pleased that it conveys his continued engagement--he is, indeed, sharp as a tack (although he struggles from time to time to find le mot juste , which used to come so easily when he was younger.)
    Catching up:
    That is a pretty capture, John, but a difficult scene photographically: I wish I could see a bit more detail in color in the foreground.
    Trifecta is nice (a portrait crop might be interesting) and that photo of the guy in black is really fascinating--I like it a lot (and the Javier crop best, btw)
    Ben's circuit board and M. E.'s moody parking lot work for me along with both of Denise's shots.
    Robert's urban scene has a familiar feel--once, in a different lifetime, I stayed on Delancy Place.
    I like Rick's "off duty" and DC's Romanian textile factory--some how they make a nice pair ;~)
    The sheep shot is very nice John--sort of a "pushmi-pullyu" look to it :~)
    I think the drowned Dragon Fly is terrific, Bob--maybe your best ever!
    All three are really nice, Andrew, but Santiam Pass really got me.
    The threesome is irresistible, Maria!
    I like what you did with the moon, Ian--it looks like you really nailed it and the presentation is outstanding! I couldn't resist trying a moon shot myself (with the 1000mm & 2x TC--at least I didn't have to worry about losing resolution to cropping :~)
  59. Thanks Javier and Great street shots as always a real gritty feel to them.
    Chune-Hoong Pong not good with Taxonomy #2 would look great as a framed Print.
    Haig I really like The Javier Crop
    Ian Deep Impact would have to be my favourite Stunning moon shots.
    Jordan Jessica 2 is a beautiful shot you really have come along in leaps and bounds with your portrait's
  60. Here are a couple from this past weekend in Seattle. The weather was quite a change from San Diego. Both shot with the K20D, the first with the DA35 and the second with the DA21.
  61. Ben thanks, a 10.00 reflector goes a long way on the help side
  62. Boy, Frank, you really take "street shooting" literally ;~) That second one is kind of an every day scene but so nicely composed that it really has a lot of punch--well done!
  63. @ Dave H. here is a second chance on my moonrise shot...
  64. That is absolutely stunning, John! Is there really such a place?
  65. Yes Dave its a real place about 45 minutes from where I live here in Portland. Its just outside of Sandy, Oregon. The river at the bottom is the Sandy river which comes off a glacier up on Mt. Hood. The forested areas are full of deer, bear, cougars and many others but are quite difficult to photograph. Thanks for the kind comments.
  66. I'm experiencing some kind of photo-dip, and hardly make any pics at all. So it's good to see you people here getting into all kinds of stuff !
    Mostly I prefer the extremes, and certainly Andrew Hanna's ! Except for Javier's photo's because he stinks and he let himself get carried away with the grain.... :)
    Still, I have some made :
    Blooming is an unwanted effect of overcrowded, cheap sensors. However some progs will force it for you. So this is called blooming autumn, it requires an aquired taste to appreciate.... :)
    Lens Focal Length: 18,00 mm ()
    Shutter Speed: 1/60 sec
    F-Number: F4,5
    ISO: 100
    Lens Focal Length: 18,00 mm ()
    Shutter Speed: 1/250 sec
    F-Number: F3,5
    ISO: 100
  67. Thanks Dorus.
    I new I went far with the grain and am still trying to find the limit...Here are two more...I would appreciate the critique on the PP and actually the whole image...Trying to learn some things here.
  68. Javier, this guy is beyond pp. Where do you find these people?
  69. well Javier.... the grain in these two pics is just perfect, I would say.
    I don't know about the choice for b/w here, especially with sun glaring. Did you shoot the original in colour ? What if you turned saturation low ? Now the man remains a bit at a distance, and I imagine there could have been greater impact. When working on a photo you should first decide what to convey, and then choose for a realistic or an artistic way of doing so. My pp is usually just practice, but my goal is to try and emphesize (or exaggerate) an ambience.
    But that's all just my personal taste...
    More generally speaking I would advise to have waited for that man in the background to pass, and in the second there's some distracting shadow on the right.
    Still, apart from all that... wish I could do the street like you do !
  70. Low-light performance shot of local music artist, Art Napoleon (www.artnapoleon.com) from an event I was at earlier this week.
  71. well Javier.... the grain in these two pics is just perfect, I would say. Thanks Dorus. It was about 7% which I though was ok.
    I don't know about the choice for b/w here, especially with sun glaring.The sun was really strong in this image and the black and white was more trying to save it.
    Did you shoot the original in colour ? Yes.
    What if you turned saturation low ? I will give it a try.
    Now the man remains a bit at a distance, and I imagine there could have been greater impact. When working on a photo you should first decide what to convey, and then choose for a realistic or an artistic way of doing so. My pp is usually just practice, but my goal is to try and emphesize (or exaggerate) an ambience. I agree and that is what I am trying to learn. As you know and others, I do not do much post processing but I do understand that good pp will be exaggerated and good or subtle where you can't tell you did anything.
    But that's all just my personal taste...Yes, I understand that, but I also have a great deal of respect for the amazing work you do.

    More generally speaking I would advise to have waited for that man in the background to pass, and in the second there's some distracting shadow on the right.
    Still, apart from all that...With Street shooting, often times, you have no time to compose or you will loose the moment. Most of the time, street shooting happens in the first few seconds, usually 1 or 2...Any longer and you miss the moment.
    wish I could do the street like you do ! Thank you. I was working on some stuff last night from a shoot I went to yesterday with some friends here that are trying to get into street shooting. I will post in a new thread...I appreciate the .C.C very much.
    Thanks javier

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