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  1. Hi Pentaxian friends.

    I can't believe the POW hasn't been posted yet. I am taking this opportunity to post two pictures taken with the K-7. The pictures are nothing special...the IQ is special in my opinion.

    I finally have the K-7 in my hands and I will be testing it in the days and weeks to come. Today, I took a few shots only, as I had to work all day. We have some flowers around the buildings and I shot several with the 15mm DA Limited and the DA* 200mm SDM. I am going on a photo shoot in the mountains Monday and I should come back with plenty of examples.

    Note that the photos are untouched, except for reducing them to 640 pixels wide and converting to JPG from RAW/DNG.

    The first one was taken with the 15mm DA limited, 1/180 sec, f/5.6, ISO 400.
    The second was taken with the DA* 200mm, 1/3000 sec, f/8 at ISO 1600.

    I am currently working on the "Pentax K-7 Everything you need to know...and then some" book. I hope to have the book out in early July, coinciding with the availability of the K-7. Yvon Bourque
  2. 2nd Picture.
  3. I just had to put this picture in as well. K-7 with DA* 200mm SDM, 1/250 sec, f/4, ISO 200.
  4. That first shot is Stunning what a way to start the POW.
    Following on in the flower theme here are my two both B&W and taken with pentax 50mm prime a 2x TC and an extension tube. ISO 400 and F5.6.
  5. and here is my 2nd
  6. Continuing my film theme from last week, this is from the 645N.
    645N, Provia 100F, 55mm (~35mm in 35mm format) @ F/8.
    And moving back to digital...
    K10D, DA 50-135 f/5.6, ISO 400
  7. Heh, your dog closely resembles my assistant, except she’s black instead of tan. Bad week for photography, rain almost every, there was nothing to do for it but to put on a pair of rubbers and go muck around in the swamps. Gosh it felt great to be 12 again. I went to find the world's smallest flower, duckweed. Duckweed forms the mats of vegetal flakes you see floating on the surface of ponds. There's tons of it. A compact mat may contain well in excess of 100,000 individual plants. Unfortunately flowering is rare and I didn't find what I went looking for. But nevermind, pond water is still marvellous stuff. Here is a picture of a water mite, taken through the microscope with a Coolpix 990 and cheap relay lens -- not a good system for imaging live (read: frenetic) subjects: rickety camera; no Vista remote control software; three optical systems between subject and sensor; low ISO; etc. Thankfully, I should receive a Pentax adapter this week to use with the K20 and Pentax Remote Assistant. We'll see how that goes.
    A ladybug. K20 + DA 35.
  8. So how do you get your mitts on a K7 Yvonne? Nice :)
    Love your first shot, and also the third one..
    Justin, that is a great shot of Caney! He looks smarter than quite a few people I know! lol
    Ben, that first shot of yours is really nice looks good in b/w.. I find the second one a bit 'flat'
    Leo, your shots are very impressive.. nice one of the ladybug.. left you a comment on flickr as well.
    Not much in the way of photography for me this week.. I took some pictures at a party, but those are pretty much D & B. I did some more processing of shots from last September in OZ..
  9. I did only light photographic work this week during breaks in computer support sessions and some strolls in the old city part of Zurich. Since we will see lots of flowers and plants I show something different :)
  10. construction sites are everywhere in Zurich
  11. a polarizer would have helped...
  12. Another beautiful Adirondack Day View of the Great Range as seen from Noonmark Mt As Justin may agree an Adirondack weather forecast is about as accurate as reading tea leaves. It wasn't supposed to rain![​IMG] K10D,16-45mm,A16mm@f/10,1/350s,ISO 100 Wildflowers lined the trail [​IMG] K10d,16-45mm,A38mm@f/4,1/60s,ISO 100
  13. I don't typically go looking for opportunities to photograph people, but all of these folks were simply "in my way" as I was capturing the "antique" side of downtown Minneapolis on Friday evening, right at sunset. I do believe the three folks on the left thought me to be a bit suspect... Both photos captured via K20D and Sigma 18-50mm.
    And sunset, last night.
  14. This is probably my most interesting shot of the week, taken with the Sigma 105 and a 20mm extension tube. It's another weed--I spend too much time shooting 'em instead of pulling 'em. While the flower isn't quite perfect, it did very interesting things with the light.
  15. Huh? I'll try again
  16. Dave.. an enlightened weed? ok.. I'm sorry I couldn't resist.. Nice one though :)
  17. Had mid-terms this week and didn't really shoot anything so here are a couple again from my Puerto Rico trip a few weeks ago. One is with the DA 18-250; which I developed a new respect for on this trip It's a much better lens than I previously gave it credit and since I was traveling with seven non-photographers would not have come home with 1/4 of the images had I stuck to primes. The second with the DA21 limited.
  18. And the DA21 shot. Interestingly I think the DA18-250 at 25mm has less barrel distortion than the DA21 which is one of my bigger complaints with that limited
  19. I was only going to post the one this week but this guy just showed up.
    Lots of PP challenges with this shot (taken with the 1000mm f8, of course)--fringing, noise and I didn't quite nail the focus. I think (hope) I have better quality shots on that card but but I love this pose.
    These guys are big ! This one was being heckled by a Red-Tail which seemed puny by comparison.
  20. Whoops-I got the ID wrong--it's not an osprey. What is it then?
  21. Inspired by all the lovely (and good) flower and bird pics, here's my share :
    (though ofcourse I couldn't resist doing some pp....)
    This is a grotto, according to my translator a black-tailed godwit
    and my version of a papaver
  22. Dave, was this the Redtail that was bothering your bird? :)
    PS: 300mm is NOT enough reach for this kind of stuff!
  23. Ok, it's my first post here.
    These two photos are from the oldest (probably) oil refinery. There is an oil island in Sweden (i Ängelsberg) with a refinery from 1875. They have imported oil from Pennsylvania.


    [​IMG] K100D, DA 18-55 AL
  24. One shot this week, a rose in my front garden. Shot with 200d and 35 Limited, I call it "Delicate Beauty".
  25. Just a quick one here. Costa Mesa Speedway. K10D, DA* 200mm, 1/640s, f/4, ISO 100.
  26. My flora and fauna for this week on Friday morning after the rain.
    #1 Frog mislabeling himself as a water lily
  27. #2 flower still wet from rain
  28. The K7 shot is pretty encouraging Yvon--nice colors & textures.
    I like that first one Ben very unusual and effective.
    Six Mile Creek is very nice, Justin--graffiti & all. I regard it as a salute to Robert & his urban stream shots.
    Amazing macros, Leo!
    Classic landscapes, Haig.
    Fun shots Roger. Yes, the 18-250mm will surprise you when you give it a chance.
    Very nice poppy, dorus!
    They import the oil in wine bottles, Grezgorz?! ;~) Interesting shots!
    It may be a red-tail, Mis, (and the smaller one a Cooper's perhaps?) and no--300mm isn't enough.
  29. Mea culpa for the third photo but I did get some higher quality shots of that hawk--it's a great feeling to fill the frame with a bird!
  30. I stopped to photograph an old church on a rainy day this Thursday. This was shot from under my umbrella, while enjoying the weather resistance of my K200D. 18-55 II kit lens at 18mm, f/11, 1 sec.
  31. Well, here's my contribution. I've been playing with my new K20d and a Lensbaby for the past few days... I know its not a pentax lens but it is a K mount :D.
  32. Btw, great shots everyone. Especially the small atomic flower Dave, that thing is incredible.
  33. Dave, I need the Black Dragon!!!!!!!!!!! :-D
  34. trw


    Click for more from this event
    I went with some photo club members to the Coombs Bull-O-Rama (Bull riding and barrel racing) a few weeks ago. While everyone else was shooting action I tried to concentrate on the people.
    K10D, DA 50-200, Radio controlled remote flash (visible in scene) pointed through a side window of the kiosk.
  35. I liked that shadow across the breast of that hawk, above. Really helps to put the subject in the setting.
    "Upper Greeter Falls" data and notes:
    Pentax 645, 645 35mm, Filters: UV, Blue 47, ND8X; tripod, cable release, exposure one stop over (by TTL) at 2" typical for this location, subject in direct sunlight, black cloth over camera to check view. Exposures planned against TTL and also shadow-average-highlight checks with Minolta Spotmeter II and a spotmeter on 18% gray card reading. Card checks at a common camera to subject distance, not directly next to the waterfall in this case (accessibility in operation). Overall exposure planning at the beginning of the setup with quick checks every so often.
    Tripod in water. Large cliff dropoff 15 meters behind the camera position. Focal point on wet black rock, aperture unrecorded; but checked depth of field preview lever against leaves on rock outcrop of waterfall. Actual waterfall height is 3 to 4 meters to water surface (maximum). Distance to subject at about 7 meters. Use of the blue filter is a good match for water as a subject, but makes SLR use more difficult because of the filter's strength and intensity; there is a drop in the amount of light easily visible through the viewfinder.
    Maps: USGS topographic map sheet for "Altamont, TN" and locally available topo map "South Cumberland Recreation Area: Savage Gulf State Natural Area," map sheets (Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation). Well marked park trail to camera position.
    Negative: HP5+ at ASA 400, 14 minutes in D-23 developer based on D-76 times, dilution 1+3, times projected for stops by dilution and shifted for temperature at 24C.
    Print: 18", f/11 on 75mm lens, variable contrast green to blue filters set to VCII, Beseler Printmaker 67 set at 33.5cm, 8X10 fiber print on Ilford Multigrade IV Fiber Based Glossy paper, developed in Dektol, stopped in acetic acid, fixed in Kodak Fixer, water rinse and air dry. Horizontal crop of a vertical composition; motion blur and focus of foreground rock cropped out based on their appearance; elements were non-contributing.
    Digitized: scanned in on Epson CX6000 with Epson Scan application on a Toshiba Satellite running Windows Vista, transferred to Apple MacBook crop and limited post in Aperture. JPEG in and smaller size JPEG out.
  36. Yvon - great kick off - the third shot is amazing:)
    Ben - B/W flower shots, nicely done. Both are interesting and bring a unique perspective to the floral images this week.
    Justin - love the dog. Superb image. Kudos.
    Leo - that is the coolest ladybug shot I've ever seen! Wow, awesome capture!
    Haig - stunning images as always. The second one is my favorite POW as the blues are incredible, the rocks amazing and the framing absolutely perfect. Kudos.
    Markus - great shots - I really like the B/W.
    Bob - The wildflowers are a wonderful subject. A shot like that makes you want to stop and see things that one would normally take for granted.
    Steve T - good shot of the pedestrians on the bridge. The location would be a great spot for a capture of a single person or two people in B/W with a little early morning light....
    Dave - outstanding capture on that bird squawking . Kudos.
    Roger - two great shots. The people make the second more interesting. I prefer the highlight/shadow detail and color rendering of the DA 21 based on those 2 images.
    O'Shiva - wonderful PP as always.
    Mis - the architectural design of that cross is quite unique, it really works against the blue sky.
    Gregorz - the bottles on the ledge are delightful but the DOF in the second photo makes it my favorite of the two.
    Patrick - I don't know who had more fun. The riders or you capturing terrific shots?
    Howard - the DA 50-200 is a great lens. Nice shots.
    Sigmar - terrific capture from under an umbrella. Kudos.
    Ryan - which lensbaby are you using? I've been thinking about purchasing the "Composer" for a while? Would you mind starting another thread with lensbaby shots? I'd like to see more...
    Trent - coffee and entertainment? Great combo.
    John - awesome B/W with a terrific shutter speed.
  37. Now that's shooting data! I really enjoy reading that kind of detail by others. I wish I was as conscientious about recording everything myself. I brink a notebook with me when I'm out with the camera in the field but its pages are still blank. I bring a gps but never transfer the coordinates. Such a slacker. A very nice photograph, too, John.
  38. Yvon Bourque The First and 3rd shots are my favorites they definatly make me want to get the K7 and maybe even the DA* 15mm limited.
    Justin Serpico thats a great portrait shot of Caney
    Leo Papandreou Excellent macro shots I really like that ladybug.
    Haig Tchamitch That first beach shot makes me want to goto the coast again and take some shots myself Simply beautifull.
    Markus Maurer I don't know about needing a polarizer but I really like that last shot though with the bald head I think a hat would be in order. ;o)
    Dave Hollander Even weeds can have a glow about them definatly one of my favourites this week. Kudos
    dorus oshiva Loving the PP work.
    John Behrends Delicate Beauty is approprietly named nicely done.
    Patrick Vesterback Great action shot I bet you had fun shooting at the speedway.
    John O'Keefe-Odom Both data and capture presented well I have to agree with Duane love the shutter speed the silkyness of the falls really brings out the rocky texture.
  39. Here are a few quick snaps from me. I'll post 3 just because these are my first shots with the K20D, AF540FGZ and D-BG2. These are from the opening of a resource centre and hostel for cancer patients and their families.
    Spokesperson and cancer survivor Deanne Firmage (also shown on the poster).
  40. Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams and Atlantic Canada media mogul John Steele
  41. The Premier again and an excited constituent...
  42. I took this picture of Idian Paintbrush (Castilleja) with a K20D and F28-80, handheld in macro while I was out mountain biking last Sunday. Taken at f/4.5, 1/1500 sec, ISO 800, in Av / program mode because I didn't want to have my 10 yr old son get too far ahead of me on the trail and get eaten by a bear. I just downloaded it yesterday, and all I did was resize it, no post-production. I find that the bokeh of the linear objects like tree branches in the background gives it a very impressionistic feel - quite unlike anything else I've taken. In the original, you can see the fuzz on the leaves.

    Larger version (still scaled down): http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/XxuKlX1fb-a1ZrcHf0_UOg?feat=directlink
    Centre crop (1:1): http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/QsM4nD8BzmgSvsmyPylXNA?feat=directlink
  43. Thanks for the comments. I admit, usually my field data will be about one sentence of shutter, aperture and lens in a small pad, but I've had to beef up the field notes for another project I'm working on. Also, those rocks with motion blur water are almost a necessity. I've had a few photos pretty much fail and look horrible, despite okay exposure, because I chose to fill the frame with nothing but moving water. I had hit on the effect created by a large rock next to moving water by accident; I had had a photo that looked mediocre in small format print last fall; when I enlarged it to about 20X30", a large, textured boulder in the shot came out just great. Since then, I've noticed a steady trend; that a lot of the motion blur water photos do a lot better if there is some kind of detailed, textured counterpoint in the photo; usually plants or rock features.
    Congratulations, Duane, on the famous person photos. All the photos above look great as usual. When is somebody gonna accidentally block the lens with their finger like Aunt Edna and the Instamatic? Remember those old 110 flubs?
  44. I put up a bird feeder outside my front window in the hopes of getting some close bird shots but so far only this invader.
    Pentax K10D / Tamron AF70-300mm Di
  45. Just a strange still life I came across the other day. Still cannot figure out relevance the of the combination...
    K10D, 12-24mm lens @ 24mm, ISO 100, shutter 100sec/f16.
  46. Some great photos going on here, esp the flower ones... here is a shot I took of the skyline of Raleigh, which actually surprised me as how well it came out. I had the FA50 on and it's quite the telephoto lens on the k10d. I think this was a 8sec shot with f/11. I now want to go back here with a wider lens, but again was surprised how well it came out with the FA50.
  47. I like the mood of that umbrella shot Sigmar
    That's a terrific photograph, Ryan--I really savored it.
    The lighting in that Fair Trade shot is great, Trent--good eye!
    I like that first shot, Duane--nice composition.
    Rod, that squirrel almost jumps out of the frame.
    I'd be pleased with that one too, Somanna.
  48. A great POW as always guys...
    Since I'm not into big shootings anymore, I can only take random pix here and there...No time for anything elaborate.
    This one I took with window light only. It was pretty amazing in the morning...
  49. Somanna, a kite, picnic table and bone? With the kite featuring a design of the phases of the moon? Perhaps a musing on the tranquil passage of time fated to play against the inevitability of death? Or maybe just a relaxing afternoon?
    FWIW, the bone looks like the backside of a tibia to me (shinbone), but I cannot tell just from the photo. Might be a simple animal bone, you never know. Many bones look similar. How big is it? Have you had anybody look at the bone?
  50. Two in a series of my dog digging for moles.
    K2000, DA 50-200 @ 57 mm, 1/750 f4.0
    K2000, DA 50-200 @ 87.5 mm, 1/750, f4.5
  51. I'm just gonna comment on the images so far. Yesterday I had to shoot a charity soccer game at our MLS Qwest Field for work. After 600 shots, I just couldn't bring myself to even look at any more pictures I've taken this week let alone open the camera bag today. So it is a great pleasure to view all of your work today.
    Yvon, that third image is very seductive. Please tell me it's the lens and not the K7.
    Haig, the colors of both shots are so rich. Like the angled lines of the second one.
    Dave H., you sure that there isn't a little diode hidden in there? I really like this shot
    Roger R., that's pretty cute. I'll take the rendering of the Limited lens.
    dorus, the godwit continues your excellence
    Patrick V., that is one of the more compelling motorcycle racing shots I've seen in a while
    Ryan, B&W Lensbaby, love it. You just inspired me to take mine on a vacation field trip next week.
    Trent W, I actually preferred the "fiesta" one from your gallery for obvious reasons :)
    John O'K, Very fine shot; I just purchased 20 sheets of HP5+ for my "new" 70 year old 4x5 and I am glad to see an inspiring example. Now all I have to work on is the patience piece. Thanks for the background info.
    Somanna, wow just yesterday I saw a coffee mug with an graphic image of Raleigh's skyline and I was wondering what a photo of the place would look like. Thanks.
    Thanks for the recharge everyone.
  52. Portland Transportation Show 2009
  53. That's the aviation spirit we all want R.T!!!
    Beautiful DC3s =)
  54. I'm just gonna comment on the images so far. Yesterday I had to shoot a charity soccer game at our MLS Qwest Field for work. After 600 shots, I just couldn't bring myself to even look at any more pictures I've taken this week let alone open the camera bag today. So it is a great pleasure to view all of your work today.​
    Believe me, I know the feeling, and it's why you don't see many sports shots from me this year. I turned down all but some softball work this year. It was truly sapping the enjoyment out of my photography to come home and have to sort through 200-1000 images per game/tournament. it was partially the reason for my backlog last year, and now that I've sort of caught up, I'm taking it easy and enjoying photography rather than working way to hard at it.Sports are generally considered easy but the layperson, but it's the post shooting editing/pruning that really wears me down. I come home from a good weekend of landscape shooting and even with bracketing I have maybe 100 unique images, with sports 2 periods of hockey gets me the same.
  55. Wow! Another fantastic week. Special thanks to John O'Keefe-Odom for posting in such detail his working process. You're obviously quite a craftsman with photography and the result in your landscape is stunning. I can only imagine how beautiful the acutal print is.
    R.T., nice use of wide angle on the second plane shot.
    Heather, I know that happy face well as evidenced from the holes in my own back yard. Nicely done.
    Arkadiy, Nice use of over-exposed side light on those bottles.
    Somanna, Really like the sky color on your night shot.
    Scot Tremblay, Um, don't know quite what to think of that which probably means it's worth $20,000 a print in limited edition of 10.
    Very cute shot of your thief, Rod.
    Darren, VERY nice use of background.
    Duane, Nice photojournalism. I would be tempted to post process the first one a little bit to make the subject pop.
    Trent, good use of flash. Gives a neat effect that grabs attention.
    Ryan, Lensbaby should really use your photographs to promote their product. Was never interested in one until I saw what you can do with it.
    Dave, I second John's statement that the shadow on the hawk brings the shot to life.
    I really like your shot of the frog, Howard. Proving once again that the DA 50-200 is one of Pentax's most under rated lenses. It was one of my favorites and you put it to great use here.
    Sigmar, very peaceful shot.
    Patrick, fantastic action capture. That's a great angle and composition.
    John, I really like the glow on your rose.
    Roger, barrel distortion or not, the creativity of the second shot is a lot of fun.
    Grzegorz, I like your bottles. Nice color and composition on both shots.
    Mis, I'm glad you've started to put that "paperweight" to good use again. This one really hit me. Great use of 'negative space' with all of that blue sky. Stunning composition.
    Dorus, if more people could do post processing like you do, I would be a bigger fan of photoshop. I especially like your treatment of the flower.
    Steve, very cool Minneapolis skyline. Next time don't clutter your shot with all of those people ;-)
    Bob, it's been a long time since I've been in that part of the world and I enjoyed your mountainscape.
    Markus, I like your office shot.
    Haig, great golden hour colors. My only complaint is your shadow in the shot does not compliment it.
    Leo, I really like your macro shots. You're use of DOF gives those insects lots of character.
    Justin, nice of you to continue slumming it with the film shots even though you state digital is better ;-) Yet another amazing landscape. Also always love the dog shots.
    Ben, Really nice texture and use of light on those flower shots.
    Dave, also like the use of light and the lush green of the leaves on your weed.
    Finally, Yvon, I like the plants on your second shot. very interesting and really nice colors.
    That's a lot of typing! From now on I'm only picking my favorite three to comment on.
    Anyway, my contribution this week is from the Chiefland (Florida) Watermelon Festival.
    It was a gray drizzling day. Both of these shots are on Ektar 100 film though they lose a lot in the interpretation of being scanned at Target. A good film scanner is probably in my near future. The color was not quite as bright and cheerful as the mood because Ektar, if anything, is an honest film and if it's an overcast day, the shots REALLY look like it's an overcast day.
    This first one is from the parade and features a contestant for the Chiefland Watermelon Queen throwing candy to the crowd. It was taken with the zoom with the creep I complained about in a previous post.
    Takumar A 1:4 70~200mm Cropped
    ...and the Watermelon eating contest
    Takumar 1:2.5 135mm
  56. Going to stick with Morgan's idea and pick my favorite three from the postings so far, which will be extremely difficult! Great photos, everyone!
    Leo's Ladybug, Grzegorz's bottles, and Arkadiy's bottles are my top favs!
    Here's my contribution; three from a recent photo shoot of some of my favorite subjects, the children of one of my teaching colleagues;
  57. Hey Lisa!! where have you been? Good to see you back :) Nice shots, and great, nailing the exposure on the first two.. they turned out really nice!
  58. It almost seems unfair to comment on only a few shots but this thread has grown so much and the shot quality has improved so much that it's hard to comment on everyone's work. So having said that I'll just pick out a few favourites.
    Yvon, the 3rd shot is very nice. Great start to the POTW
    Ben, interesting look in that second shot. Nice.
    Love Justin's shot of Caney. Perfect
    Leo. cool first image. very sharp too.
    Haig's second shot of the beach. Great stuff with the guy in the upper right.
    Markus, I like the perspective of the 2nd image. Nice series.
    Bob M. Nice mood in the first shot.
    Steve T. Nailed the sunset. Nicely done.
    Dorus. The first is great. Has something of an old faded postc.ard look to it.
    Roger's second shot is fun and adds interest with the people. Nice exposure too.
    Mis, I like the stark look of that shot, nice bold image.
    Grzegorz. Love the first shot of the bottles.
    John B. Perfect colour in the rose shot. Nicely captured with one water drop.
    Patrick. Tough to do and you nailed the action. Well done.
    Howard T. Love the second shot. Perfect colours and look.
    Dave H I like the hawk shot (3rd one) has a film like quality to it.
    Sigmar. Nice shot and light captured here.
    Ryan, I like that shot even though I'm not a Lensbaby fan generally. Nice mood.
    Trent I gotta comment on that coffee stand. How much plastic did they use to promote 'organic coffee' Kinda defetes the purpose I think. Fun shot though. Bet you could clone the flash/stand out easily.
    John O. Love the B&W waterfalls.
    Duane, The DW shots sure capture a power broker. He does a great job as Premier but doesn't inspire 'warm fuzzies'. But we envy someone who at least has the balls to stand up for the Island.
    Darren S, there's something about that shot I really like. Impressionistic I think. Usually a busy background hurts a shot but this one works somehow.
    Rod H. great capture of the squirrel. Love it.
    Scott. yeah that's just plain odd.
    Somanna, very good night shot. Nicely captured.
    Arkadiy. Love the light and colour in that shot.
    Heather. He sure looks happy in that 2nd shot. Mouth ful of dirt and all.
    R.T. Like the second plane shot. the silver and blue just jump out at you.
    Morgan, that's a fun shot of the kids and watermelon. Love it.
    Alisa, I think you nailed those shots. very nice and if that's you're saying, I'm impressed!. Very true.
    Now a couple from me.
    First is an old abandoned farm in the pouring rain. It's a double exposure in camera designed to look soft.
    Wedding on Saturday and I did a baby shoot on Sunday for the first time. Up to my eyeballs in PP work!! Thinking of adding kids to my portfolio. Whew, this is the toughest form of photography I've ever tried. Challenging subjects and lots of waiting around while the kids do whatever they want. But a few shots worked and I'll do more I hope.
    Cute kid though
  59. I really like where you were going with that double exposure, Peter--the texture of the grass and pump is great and I think you placed the focus perfectly. I'm not sure about the shed, though--it's so centered and the roof is so bright. I think I'd have gone for just the pump and grass but of course my shooting style tends to the myopic. Great baby shot, btw.
  60. Pentax LX + waist-level finder + Pentax 20/4. TRI-X 400.
  61. Hey, Haig! Thanks for the warm welcome back! Between my full-time teaching, being a mother/wife, and the part-time photography that I've been doing, I haven't been able to participate in P-net, but I've missed it so much! This is such a great community! I actually thought about you as I drove into Arizona last weekend! Maybe I'll be able to find some great Arizona landscape shots in the near-future! You always have such good luck!
    Peter, that's not my saying at all. I found it on a quotes website and thought it was perfect for that photo, particularly knowing my friend and her dedication to her children.
  62. For future reference, I'd be delighted to visit with anybody passing through Arizona.. So please give me a holler!
    Morgan, thanks for the comment about my shadow.. now that I've managed to learn a few more of the PS tricks, it was real easy to get rid of.. never thought about it!
  63. Joining in for the first time. Picked up an M42-EOS adapter to burn off an Amazon certificate that I had lounging around. A friend got an S-M-C Takumar 35mm f/3.5 with a whole bunch of old Nikon gear, and had nothing but F-mount bodies, so I was the lucky recipient. These aren't all strictly from the past week, but all within the last 2 weeks, so I hope you'll forgive my breaking of that one rule. Body was Canon 40D, processed in Lightroom 2.3.
    I live in San Diego, CA and these are local.
  64. trw


    M.E. in "Fiesta" the flash was inside their kitchen, bounced off the walls and ceiling, giving a softer, but still directional,
    light. Was this what you were referring to?
  65. Hi all,
    My first post - an American Bald Eagle that occasionally stops off near my house in Calgary. Taken with a K20D and the Sigma 100-300 f4. Wasn't too happy with the Sigma, so I have traded it in for an old but still good FA*300 4.5.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  66. Well done, Andrew! Interesting that you didn't like the Sigma--I've heard good things about it. I don't expect you'll be disappointed with the FA* 300mm, though.
  67. Here are my picks so far (was the 2 shot limit supposed to shorten this thread?):
    Yvon - I would have opened at about 1 am but I was too tired to post. Unusual lighting on pics 1 & 2; I like #3 really subtle but bright.
    Justin - How do you stand in the middle of rapids and get such a nice shot?
    Leo - Wow! fantastic!
    Haig - beautiful light, well composed, would never have picked out the shadow as you.
    Bob - Very painterly shot, esp clouds. Glad the weather broke for you. Do you have lichen growing on you yet - it's still raining!
    Steve - Buildings look like they were built in the 1950' -60's. Antique is '50-'60's? I now feel old!
    Dave - Flower looks internally lit - great shot. Fabulous bird shot. I want a longer lens!
    Grzegorz - The internal light on the window shot is beautiful; a little careful work in PP could take down the overexposed outside. I like the shot.
    John - the rose is perfectly beautiful.
    Rod - I hope that's @ 300mm, otherwise, if he knocks, don't answer!
    Scot - Think of the movie 2001, man-ape tosses bone into sky and scene goes to space station. That was the best segue ever made cinematically and intellectually, compressing 100,000 years of human history into a split second.
    Duane and Morgan - the 50-200 also took the following about a year ago garnering 2 exhibitions and an organizational postcard:
    That's all folks!
  68. Wonderful photo, Howard!
  69. Great shots Yvon, and basically all of you.
    Here is my almost aLive Histogram :-D

    Have a great weekend!
  70. Lets see if I can slip in here at the end!
    My favorite this week is Howard's latest posting of the frog.
    This picture was at sunset near Destin, Fl close to the ocean.
  71. Peter, Jon, Dave, Duane, Morgan,
    Thanks for the thumbs up! The frog was too surprised to move when I emerged from below in my scuba gear LOL! Actually he sits and poses for who knows how long.
    Peter, the flowers are wet because has hardly stopped raining for two weeks, so they (the colors and flowers) are literally saturated.
  72. Dave,
    The Sigma 100-300 was ok.... at f8 which is the f-stop those two pics were taken at. Wide open longer than 200mm there was a real fall off in contrast. Blacks bleed into whites and everything looks hazy. This started to diminish at f6.3 or so and isn't an issue at f8. In order to justify the bulk of that Sigma when trekking around the countryside I would need to use all of the glass, not just the middle quarter.
    The Pentax FA*300 f4.5 has turned out to be really excellent. Good size, pretty tough, usable at 4.5, sharp at f5.6 and above and nice contract across the board. Sure wish they had used this set of optics in the new DA* 300 because the weatherproofing would be handy.

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