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Discussion in 'Pentax' started by arkadiy_chernov, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Hi guys, it's around 12:30 and nobody started the POW yet, buuu. So...im kickin' off this weekend i guess.
    This Saturday I took 5 min to take a mug shot of my lizard...check it out =)
  2. Missed a few weeks..back with my ist DS a few from kentucky
  3. Great. It is nice to see the thread starting with animal pics because that is what I have to share too. This is from my local zoo.
    The king was resting and the queen was watching my moves. I had my big tele pointing at them.
  4. I waited for a long time so that His Highness could wake up from his beauty nap :)
    And he was not very happy abut that.
  5. At last, a friendly face greeted me.
  6. [​IMG]
    Ds with FA35
  7. Here are my three, one of which was shot with the A350:
  8. Pentax ME SUPER with UltraMax 800 speed film.
  9. Point and shoot.
  10. [​IMG]
    Pentax K20D, DA 21mm.
  11. Nice set everyone.. Arkadiy, your bearded dragon looks pretty fierce! I like the shot:)
    Ronny, you find some very strange things in rural America! Pink elephant with a martini? lol . I kind of like that wall #3.
    Jemal, I like the shot of Jordan.. great smile and looks very natural. the rose is also quite a nice one.
    Subho, always lucky to get photos of his royal highness, they love to nap!
    Javier, good stuff as usual.. the policeman shot is really great :) And the young lady shopping looks as if she'd rather have you buy her a dress than take her photo :)
    Justin, you found two mountain goats, and one had a camera! I'd love to take that shot, but I'm afraid these days, I would not dare be either the subject or the photgrapher :)
    Unfortunately I have to foist more flora and fauna on you this week..
  12. #4
    this might be a familiar face to some.. although they may have been distracted last week while looking at her photos..
  13. Although this photo is a montage of four pictures, my client was very pleased with the results. I posted some of the guitars on photo-net a while back to ask advise on what to charge. In the end, I took pictures of 10 guitars and I decided to get paid with a new guitar, instead of money. The guitar is worth $1,800 and it actually cost the client less than that for sure. It's my photo of the week, because that's all I did this week...taking pictures of guitars. His guitars are made of the top quality materials and electronics. His guitars really rock!
  14. Windowlight
  15. Went fishing again. Bridge over the Mettawee. [​IMG]
  16. I, eating breakfast while watching the Chinese F1 GP via internet since "we" lost the free TV broadcast of F1.....
  17. Quite a diverse selection of pics here today. Jemal, lovely shot of Jordan, what an expressive face. Subho, lion shots are very nicely done. Haig, the flowers shots are beautiful but your favorite model beats them all. I was off from work this week and planned to do a lot of shooting but the weather and other things just got in the way. By Thursday, however, things cleared up and I was able to that a few ventures out with the K10. Here are three.
  18. number 2
  19. number 3
  20. I was able to get some variety this week.

    Howard Street Bridge Detail (with the FA 31mm)

    Billboard Backside (with the Sigma 70-200mm HSM)

    Apple Blossoms/Rental Trucks (with the strange and delightful A 35-105mm)
    Darn--botched the posting ;~(
  21. Whoa--wait! Did someone fix my post or...[scratches head]? Anyway:
    The lizard is great, Arkadiy.
    Ditto #3, Ronny--capturing that was a public servce.
    Great light in His Higness, Subho--I like it.
    Not sure about the crop on Jordan, Jemal but the subject is beautifully captured--the rose ,too.
    Another set of strange goings-on in LA, Javier ;~) "Flaming Sword of Fire"?
    Amazing DOF, Justin--appreciation overcomes vertigo.
    Lovely subjects & perfect portraits, Haig.
    Rock on, Yvon! That's a very impressive & classy montage.
    I like the light and atmosphere, George--very nice.
    Love the subject, Bob. I have a very distinct memory of a similar bridge on the Battenkill (one of the reasons I didn't distinguish myself in grad school at SUNY ;~) I'm thinking the image may be a bit too centered?
    You really do fine work on the streams, Robert--#2 is a wonderful addition to the collection. I certainly relate to the Smooth Landing shot ;~) The "technical perfection is less important than good action" principle absolutely applies .
  22. Dave, I believe a photo.net gremlin fixed those links ;-)
  23. Thanks, Justin!
  24. Not much action from me this week. I did do some portraits for a friend of mine, poetry scholar Anna Deeny , as she had been interviewed for a poetry podcast at Harvard. I took some strobes and reflectors with me, but ended up just using natural light from the two windows in her office. K10D + 77 Ltd, if anyone's interested.
  25. Some pics from the ballgame in Beloit yesterday.
  26. Not much action from me this week. I did do some portraits for a friend of mine, poetry scholar Anna Deeny , as she had been interviewed for a poetry podcast at Harvard. I took some strobes and reflectors with me, but ended up just using natural light from the two windows in her office. K10D + 77 Ltd, if anyone's interested.
  27. Hiding out in Vegas this week, which is where Beerbrain's pink elephant belongs.
  28. Wow! There's some excelent images this week.
    Spring has come again to the land in which I live, and along comes the flowers. This first image is a very special image to me; it is of the road that I grew up on. By next year this time there will be condos gracing the sides of this road that will then be a five lane highway. This road cuts through about 150 acres of forest that has been there since about 1930. It was logged for pines about 30 years ago, and then logged for oaks about 15 years ago. Besides all this it has somehow kept its beauty throughout the years.
    Pentax K10d, Tamrom 75-200mm F/3.8 @ F/16, 1.6s
  29. I have no idea what flowers these are but they looked pretty to me, so I shot them.
    Pentax k10d, Tamron 75-300mm F/4 @ F/11, 0.5s ISO 100
  30. I tried using the same technique on this image that I use on Velvia. There's nothing quite like the sunny 16 rule!
    Pentax K10d, Pentax 50mm F/1.7 @ F/16 w/ #1 extension tube, 1/60s, ISO 100
  31. My three for the week...
  32. Last but not least
  33. Pentax K10D, DA* 16-50mm lens, 2 AF-540FGZ flash.
  34. Jon, sad to hear the impending fate of your dogwood-lined road (the things we mistake for progress....): that's a haunting photo and an interesting flower!
    Your tulip is marvelous, John!
  35. I have lots of shots of his flower, the first to come up here. I believe this is the best, so far anyway. With a Vivitar 55mm macro.
  36. Dave, that 'Howard street bridge' is a real beauty !
    I just got back from Egypt, it was very hot and totally bizar....
    shot some 2000 clicks, so please bear with me :)
    This is an old trick, but it never bores.
  37. As a matter of fact, dorus, it struck me that the bridge shot had an "oshiva-esque" feel to it so I'm really glad you liked it. Old trick, yes--but done spendidly, btw.
  38. Please forgive the fourth posting - one more for Dave and Bob. Shot yesterday on the Wissahickon Creek in Philadelphia.
  39. Good pix robert...I like specially the first one. The tree is creepy!!!! =)
  40. Brought my camera to work this month, of course the scads of eagles I saw last month are gone now, but snapping away anyhow.
  41. 300 super tak with 1.4tc
  42. 300 supertak 1.4tc, monopod rigged out of broom handle
  43. You're forgiven as far as I'm concerned Robert--that is gorgeous! As a matter of fact, I was out on a Baltimore stream this Saturday, fishing with a bunch of city kids in a Trout Unlimited sponsored event. The woods & stream were stunningly beautiful. Unfortunately, I had to leave the camera behind but your shot makes up for that.
  44. A mixed bag this week! One shot of Osprey in Pendleton, my daughter's front door in Hillsboro, and another at Multnomah Falls on the way home. All with the K10D and F 28, f2.8.
  45. And the next!
  46. On the way home!
  47. I'm a little confused; There is a POW thread here as well as THE POW determined by the Elves? If that is the case, who starts the thread?
    Anyway, here is my contribution,
  48. I was just kidding about the F28 and the Osprey! Really taken with a Sigma 400!
  49. I'm a little confused; There is a POW thread here as well as THE POW determined by the Elves? If that is the case, who starts the thread?
    Anyway, here is my contribution,
  50. Photo doesn't upload for some reason.
  51. Don, the Pentax forum is a little rogue territory within the larger nation that is P-Net. There is a POW thread here so Pentaxians can hang up 1-3 shots taken during the past week. Anybody can start it, so long as it's on Sunday (as judged by clocks on USA Eastern Time), though some people in other parts of the world bend this rule slightly :)
    Surprisingly, we hardly ever get two POW threads at the same time. One would think we are organised or something :-D
  52. Thanks, Dave.
  53. Went to the local zoo, here are my contributions
    Red Pandas
    Lazy Wolf
  54. I have named my Photosniper Tair-3 PhS 300mm f/4.5 my Rocket Launcher
    It is one of the most frustrating and difficult lens that I have ever used. It pushes me over the edge in realizing how important that my tripod can become and how shaky my hand-held shots can become. This lens has taught me my limits. The lens has its own charm and character and that includes good color and bokeh.
  55. Double-crested Cormorant
  56. True, Hin, old long lenses are definitely a challenge but worth the trouble--builds character as well as skill ;~)
    That first bird is really nice David--an inspiration for sure.
  57. Well Arkaidy, your starting shot remains my favorite here despite the many lovely images, it is a great treatment. Haig, #3 is nice, post more portraits! And George's window light is lovely. A good room, a good model, and great technique - bravo! All others enjoyed as well.
  58. Early, very early, signs of spring in Eastern Canada. The forests will look spectacular in a week or two when a billion (plus or minus) trilliums flower but until then:
    Common blue violets.
  59. Sweet white violets.
  60. Arkadiy C. - the bearded dragon is fierce!
    Justin S. - Wow, an amazing capture!
    Haig T. - Shot number 1 is just stunning.
    Robert C. - The sense of motion in #3 is so great and captured perfectly.
    John R. - your photo number 1 makes me feel lonely and miss driving in the country.
    Hin Man - that last shot with your "rocket launcher" belongs on a wall somewhere. Bravo.
    Thanks everyone for sharing your awesome creations and showing what our beloved Pentax can do!
  61. Stand of sumac bearing last year's fruit.
  62. Leo, you're in Eastern Canada? How far East? I'm in PEI. Love the Sumac shot. Like a painting.
    Btw not to be the posting police, but we wanted everyone to limit their photos to 3 and lately a number of contributions have been more. We're one of the few forums on PN that can run a POW, so lets not overdo it.
  63. Agree--the sumac is stunning! I like the bloodroot, too.
  64. Quebec. Isn't Quebec and Ontario Eastern Canada? Oh, maybe eastern with a small 'e'. Anyway, not Maritimes.
  65. The local Corvette club had a rally nearby this past Saturday. I enjoy looking at these cars, especially the old ones. It is interesting to compare the automotive styles of the past with the present.

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