Postprocessing Challenge 19 March 2019

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by michaellinder, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. "Another weekly challenge.
    If, anyone else would like to post next week please give it a go, upload a High resolution jpeg. Just indicate your intentions by Thursday or early Friday.

    Remember there are no rules you can do what you wish in your interpretation, please can you give information of the steps taken and software used to add interest.

    It is not meant as a competition just a bit of fun." (Gerald Cafferty)

    I reduced the size to 2000 x 1333 for ease of use. ppc march 19.jpg
  2. Thanks for starting thread Michael. U used LR to open up shadows then a slight crop from left side of image. Then used NIK’s Color Efex Pro 4 for Tonal Contrast 1552273_463f6c542dfd9f736fc7be4131846d8a.jpg
  3. WK_Edit03192019_1.jpg
    Thanks Michael for supplying the image. All work in Gimp. First I corp in on the worker. Then I applied an unsharp mask at strength .75. Ithen used a light sharpen brush on the workers face. I then adjusted color and contrast with luminosity mask.
  4. Hey, Michael. Thank you for the photo. This version is mostly Topaz Simplify with some LUT color changes.
  5. Thanks @michaellinder! I doubt whether I'm going to be able to post anything this week. My laptop screen got damaged 2 days ago. I'm taking it in today or tomorrow to check whether it can be replaced or whether it still works with an external screen.

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  6. Thanx michaellinder for posting the challenge this week. It is indeed fun to work with someone else's photo.

    All was done in PS. First, I flipped the image horizontally. Then I cut the chap out using the pen tool, which worked oK. Then I placed the fellow into a photo I took of the moon setting over Punta Fria which I resized to match the posted photo. I warped him a bit to make his centre of gravity more believable. I used the camera raw filter to adjust the shadows, highlights etc of the chap, and burned the bright side of his coat. Then, I placed a line between his hand and the moon.

    And you thought that the moon got into the sky some other way? Hanging the moon. Good steady work if you can get it and are not afraid of heights!

    Hanging the moon.jpg
  7. Sorry about your mishap, Mike. Hope it gets resolved soon, at least in time for the next ppc.
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  8. Starting with version 3. First cloned out object in top left corner using PSE15, then did simple inversion. In Color Efex, applied ink filter, then sharpened with Output Sharpener.

  9. Version 2. Converted to b&w, adjusted tonality in Silver Efex. Sharpened with Output Sharpener.

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  10. ppc.jpg

    Cold working conditions. I started by warping the image to make it look like the worker was leaning over. Then I selected the worker plus parts of the construction using Topaz Remask 5. Then I looked through my photos for a suitable background and decided that working in a cold environment would be the theme. I think that he was building a sauna.
  11. Version 1. Drastic crop from left side in PSE. Used levels for gross tonal adjustments, then used dodging tool to lighten subject's face primarily. Sharpened with Output Sharpener.

    ppc march 19colo4.jpg
  12. Just messing around here with gradient controls (blue, my weakness) in Photoshop.
    . oudoorsblue.jpg
  13. I apologze in advance for the awful quallity of this PP version. As I said earlier, I unfortunately damaged my laptop screen a couple of days ago and I've beem tryiing since then (initially without much succes) to figure out whether my laptop was still usuable with an external screen and how much a repair would cost. A repair would be more than half the cost of my 3 -year old laptop so not worth the investment. But at the moment, I can't afford a new one. To my delight, I today finally managed to connect my latop to mu old TV (as a monitor) that at least demonstrated that the laptop (except the screen) worlked OK . So I'll probably buy an external monitor (much cheaper than a repair or replacement laptop). To celebrate the appearance of my laptop screen on my old TV I decidedd to posrt a PP version. I had to adjust the screen resolution, the coloirs are all off and Photoshop doesn't work as it usually does. But you get the idea.
    PP challenge (mike).jpg
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