Postprocessing Challenge 18 November 2017

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  1. Have at it.

    fullsizeoutput_2d3dcopy-2.jpg Please make sure you provide the steps you took to produce your respective versions of the challenge image.
  2. LR to crop, adjust shadows / highlights, then convert to b/w. Then used Antique filter in Silver efex Pro 2 1484467_83eab55117e23766eeb6ab33c6c53692.jpg
  3. I was playing with the image in Affinity instead of my usual CS5. I used the frequency separation filter for midtones and darkened the shadows. Finally, I cropped to what I thought would make an interesting composition. ppc 11-18.jpg
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  5. Bollard humor.
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  6. Here's mine. I converted the image to b&w in Silver Efex. I used this program to make tonal and sharpness adjustments as well. fullsizeoutput_2d3dcopy2.jpg
  7. A combination of Elements And Lightroom. Borrowed the rowing boat from another file, a process that turned out to be more problematic than expected. Then I spoilt it by over sharpening, which made obvious all the joints. So back into Lightroom and took the easy (quick) option and reduced Clarity.

    It was good having someone else's photo to have a go at, so remember Michael and I would welcome others to take a turn. No pressure I have plenty of files that need help............GC.

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  8. GIMP - curves to boost contrast and colors, light crop - didn't like the umbrellas, light USM (2.0, 0.2, 0)

    Once you bring out the colors, the water holds more foreground interest than I initially expected.


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