Postprocessing Challenge 12 April 2019

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by michaellinder, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. Punta, I hope you don't mind that I'm posting an image today. I shot this in midtown Manhattan in November, 2018.

    "Another weekly challenge.
    If, anyone else would like to post next week please give it a go, upload a High resolution jpeg. Just indicate your intentions by Thursday or early Friday.

    Remember there are no rules you can do what you wish in your interpretation, please can you give information of the steps taken and software used to add interest.

    It is not meant as a competition just a bit of fun." (Gerald Cafferty)
  2. Thanks for posting, Michael. Used LR to adjust Shadows / highlights. Converted to b/w in NIK. Then Cutout Filter in PSE 1555742_0f534e58817909c6df9a94fca3558aaa.jpg
  3. Not many changes in this version: DXO PL2 for perspective, Topaz AI Sharpen Stabilize, minor adjustments in LR and PS with the application of a LUT with skin protection.

  4. ppc train.jpg

    Cropped, then warped, used various NIK ColorEfex filters, such as glamour glow and pastel colors.
    Thanks Michael for posting - a good image to play with.
  5. Two roads diverged...
  6. Thank you Michael for posting the challenge this week. Like Gerald, I hope others will post the challenge but will step in if it doesn't happen.

    This is a great image to work with.

    Most of what I did was done in PS.
    I liked the converging lines of the train on the right, the pillars, and the yellow line in the center so I cropped to that. I used the shake removal tool (it didn't do much) and then sharpened using high pass sharpening. I am very impressed by the clarity of tom_r's version but could not come close to it using PS.

    It looked a little barren so I cut out the 'happy' conductor using the pen tool, transformed his size and blurred him a bit before leaning him up against one of the pillars. He is leaning a bit much, but maybe he had a bit of a nip before work?
    Then I put on a black border.

    In LR, I shifted the magentas to more of the red end to make the red light 'redder', shifted the greens towards more yellow and desaturated purples and aquas (there wasn't much there).

    Thanx again, Michael. This was fun.

    PPC April 13-2.jpg
  7. Thanks for the challenge Michael. I saw the bored looking railway worker as my focus. Opened in LR and cropped to final size, did the usual basics. Due to the slow shutter speed blur was not happy with the result, transferred to Elements. After trying several effects I settled on a mild Poster treatment, I hope you approve the result.................GC.
  8. Version 1 - - - PSE15: cropped from right side, slight leveling, adjusted tonality (levels), sharpened

  9. See below
  10. todayppcartistic.jpg

    No cropping this time. Used several artistic filters (plastic wrap, sponge, and bucket tool), then sharpened again
  11. 1555742_0f534e58817909c6df9a94fca3558aaa.jpg
    I liked the picture but I did minor edits in PSE, adjusted levels, sharpened then I change the format to remove some space at the top. 1555742_0f534e58817909c6df9a94fca3558aaa.jpg
  12. WK_Edit04132019_1_G.jpg
    Michael thanks for posting the image this week. All work done in Gimp. First I rotated the image a little. Then I used a Unsharp Mask filter at 1.5 value. Then I made a copy of the layer and converted the new layer to black and white. Then I applied a layer mask to the top black and white layer and used the paths tool to select the lady in the red coat. I filed the outline with black so the color would show.

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