Post Processing Challenge September 5, 2020

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  1. There are no rules as to how you apply your post processing to this image; but, please let us know what you have done so we can all learn.
    If you would like to post a candidate image next week, please ensure it is of sufficiently high resolution for manipulation by the participants (3000px on the long side, 300dpi for example).

    Fishing in the rain on Kemptville Creek. Fishing in the rain Kemptville.jpg
  2. Nice image, Punta. I did a minor crop & dusted shadows in LR. Added tonal contrast in NIK 1620631_81b8b45e13b889b6a6a1e3d65f989e35.jpg
  3. A variation on 'peeping through the trees':

  4. ppc fishing.jpg
    Peaceful salmon fishing
  5. All work in PSE2020: adjusted tonality with levels, then applied impressionist brush either to darken, lighten, or boost saturation, then used water sketch filter for detail

  6. Gracias, Punta. Here is a muted version.
  7. Second attempt. Painterly, and much less gloomy.
  8. Cropped image, adjusted color, contrast and brightness.
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