Post Processing Challenge 18th March

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by Gerald Cafferty, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Here's this weeks challenge source photo. If you decide to give it a go it will have added interest to other members if you give details of the steps taken and software used......
    Is there anyone out there who fancies posting a challenge, if so just let us know...............
    Gerald Canal_PPC_18March_Source.jpg
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  2. I like this image a lot and it looks pretty good the way it is. But I wanted to participate in this forum so I did a bit of processing in LR (levels, shadows, etc) then used NIK's Color Efex Pro 4 to add more fog. 1444188_74bc994d1ac7024cb006b8fc0e28f51a.jpg
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  3. I worked with it in Tonality:
    1. HDR - Hint of Colors
    2. Vignette
    3. Slight gold toning
    4. darkened a bit
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  4. Used grad. neutral density filter in Color Efex, then converted to b&w and made final adjustments in Silver Efex.

    1444188_74bc994d1ac7024cb006b8fc0e28f51a copy.jpg
  5. I increased the fog effect in Topaz Clean plug-in in Photoshop, cropped, and then applied Topaz Simplify and played with the Oil Painting setting.
  6. Nice picture - decided I would emphasise the barges and foliage
    by cropping and using a couple of filters in Color Efex pro - Tonal contrast and Low Key
  7. Gerald, I'll take a shot at it, unless someone else already has stepped forward.
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  8. Thanks Michael I'll leave it in your capable hands for next week, unless someone else wishes to step forward....................Regards Gerald.
  9. I thought I would have an attempt myself.
    Basic adjustments in Lightroom and then various tweaks in Analog Efex Pro, added grung and vignette...................Gerald C. Canal_PPC_Efex.jpg
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  10. [​IMG]© Ron Hyde 2016 by David Stephens, on Flickr

    I used DxO Optics Pro 11.3.1, with the auto-corrections for Ron's Panasonic DMC-LX100 loaded. The geometric adjustments were very small and you can only see them in the side-by-side view. I checked white-balance on the curtains in the window of the near boat, then cooled that down very slightly because it made the grass too prominent. I applied DxO's PRIME noise reductions, but that really had little impact, because the file was pretty darn clean to start. The biggest thing is the square crop, mainly to knock out that apartment building on the other side of the river. Also, I began, long ago, with a square-crop TLR, so I'm drawn toward that aspect ratio a lot. I established a black point, which required lowering Blacks 24-points on DxO's scale. I applied DxO's "ClearView" adjustment to cut through the fog, at a level of 23, but that cut the fog too much, so I lowered highlights by -62 to get some detail in the distant trees, but still look foggy. Saved in sRGB color space, with a resulting file size of 7.2MB vs. Ron's 9MB, before the crop. Of course, we're downsized here.
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  11. dcstep/David, that is the most comprehensive descriptions of steps taken I've seen here. Well done it is good to see how others approach photo editing.

    dcstep has included the copyright details from the EXIF metadata. Just to make it clear the original was/is my photograph Gerald Cafferty being an alias used on PN........Regards Ron Hyde.alias Gerald Cafferty.
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  12. Oops, I didn't mean to "expose" you, Gerald. ;-)
  13. That's OK I'll just have to wear a disguise when I venture out after dark..................GC :-(
  14. A few times through Fine Touch filter then Glamour Glow, Boosted saturation

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