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  1. Dose anyone know of any good websites to get ideas for posing. Im
    shooting my first engagement pictures for a friend and would like
    some ideas. I mostly shoot still photography, so this will be kind of
    new for me.
  2. Look at everyones websites, ones in your area and other areas. Better yet have the couple bring a couple of photos to you of ones they like. That way you will know what they want and if they don't like it they won't say anything because it was their idea!! HAHAHA
  3. www.zuga.net -- Mostly traditional ideas, but they come with lighting ideas too.
  4. I get more inspiration from studying current magazines. Check out wedding and fashion magazines- look at the things your clients are being influenced by.
  5. Ditto the magazines. Fashion mags have had a strong influence on bridal mags the past few years. And many brides-to-be look at these magazines, so they'll probably have an idea of how they'd like to look. They may just be shy about posing until you encourage them. (Not that shyness runs in my family's girls - I wish they *didn't* automatically strike a fashion pose so often when I'm trying to get natural looking portraits.)
  6. Posing People by Joe Zeltsmann. An excellent resource!
    He writes, "Some 50 years ago, I received a call from a photographer friend from another town. He asked me if I�d like to attend a five-day class with Van Moore, a well-known portrait photographer.....especially renowned for his bridal portraiture. I said that I would.....and I did."
  7. Crystal, I guess it largely depends on what you and your clients are after. If they want 'traditional' style images, then resources like Joe Zeltsmann's is great. If they are after more contemporary, then current fashion magazines might be your first option. <br><br>
    Personally, my approach to capturing people leans towards the 'natural' and 'spontaneous'. What I usually do is to bring my clients into the 'zone' by asking such a question like, "imagine that in fifty years time, you will be viewing the photo I am going to take of you now.... how would you want to be seen? What memories do you want to come flooding back?". Then, I sit back and let them 'pose' themselves into something that has special meaning to them. After a bit of tweaking (stray hair etc), I take a series of shots. This technique seems to work very well with most people.<br><br>
    Just sharing my thoughts... M :)
  8. I am trying to learn posing people as well. I am contemplating the purchase of the posing guide CD. Has any one tried this product?

  9. I suck at posing people. I just try to get them to interact with each other in an attempt to get something natural. Look at my website under engagements www.medinaphotography.com
  10. Check out this web-site: http://www.wpja.com/. It has many photos you can look through to get ideas, and it also has links to different (excellent) photographer's sites. It should give you plenty of ideas. It's a source of my inspiration.
  11. There is a traditional pose checklist online at http://www.ultimatewedding.com/articles/get.php?action=getarticle&articleid=246

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