Polaroid 55 Type Processing Question, Help needed

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  1. Is there someone that can help me regarding Polaroid 55 type film. I am working on a project with this P/N film and am struggling with how to clean/harden the negatives once they have been shot and processed. I have read a ton of stuff on the internet, and googled the heck out if it. I have read about sulfate and certain chemicals to use but I just need someone to explain it real basic for me and list the exact chemicals to purchase. I just don't understand what to do and the dilutions to use. Any help is truly appreciated.
  2. I thought it was sodium sulfite, not sulfate.

    Otherwise, old Polaroid film often has dried-up chemical pods.
  3. AJG


    Sodium sulfite was used to clear the negatives from Type 55 --I don't remember at this point what the exact dilution would have been. The Kodak packet used to make 1 gallon, but I couldn't tell you how much sodium sulfite that was. That was followed by a 5 minute wash and Photo Flo or another wetting agent to prevent water spots from drying. I will be surprised if you can get consistent results at this point because this has been out of production for so long and the chemistry pods for developing don't age well.

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